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Ratonhnhaké:ton and Samuel Adams in a printer's shop

A printer is an individual who provides printing services or otherwise an individual who directly operates printing presses.


Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press during the 15th century, which revolutionized the production and dissemination of books, making them quick and cheap to mass produce. Beforehand, scholars had to laboriously copy books. During the Renaissance, printing presses enabled book sellers like Sofia Sartor to readily spread newly unearthed wisdom.[1]

While in Constantinople, the Assassin Mentor Ezio Auditore da Firenze and one of his apprentices protected a printer, who was being targeted by the Templar Georgios Kostas.[1]

Printers originally came to Colonial America to print religious texts, but became important by the American Revolutionary era as a means to spread news. Thus, printers wielded enormous political clout: for example, the widespread reprinting of Paul Revere's woodcut depicting the Boston Massacre stirred anti-British sentiment.[2]

Samuel Adams showed Ratonhnhaké:ton how to lower his notoriety by bribing printers to cease producing wanted posters, or to print his own propaganda. On one occasion, Ratonhnhaké:ton simply beat up a printer distributing pamphlets slandering his friend Dr. Lyle White.[2]