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Pressed Flowers was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived through the Helix Navigator.


Evie Frye and Henry decided to complete an herbarium, and to discover the secret meaning of the flowers.


Part 1

On the train, Evie spotted Green and approached as he was reading a book.

  • Henry: Miss Frye! I brought some books. I hope I'm not intruding, by being here.
  • Evie: Quite the contrary. It's nice to have company.

Henry showed a book to Evie.

  • Evie: An herbarium? Are you collecting flowers for someone?
  • Henry: Only myself. I'm told it's something of a British passtime. Did you know they all have symbolic meanings?
  • Evie: I had heard, something of the sort.
  • Henry: Of course you have. Unfortunately, I have no time to fill the book.
  • Evie: I could collect some samples, if you would accept my help.
  • Henry: I would appreciate that. Thank you, Miss Frye.

Part 2

Sometimes later, once she had collected around a dozen samples of pressed flowers, Evie met with Green aboard the train to talk about their progress and complete their herbarium.

  • Henry: Mignonette. Your qualities surpass your charms.
  • Evie: I'm not entirely sure if that's meant as a compliment. "Love in a mist", that's a pretty name.
  • Henry: ... alternately called "Devil in a bush".

They both laughed

  • Evie: Narcissus: self-love. I should buy a bouquet for Jacob.

They laughed again

  • Henry: Most unkind, Miss Frye.
  • Evie: As amusing as all this is, I really should be getting back to work. If you need me...
  • Henry: I'll send a bouquet.
  • Evie: ... of Irises.
  • Henry: "A message." Indeed.

Part 3

Eventually after Starrick's death and after she succesfully collected thirty samples of pressed flowers throughout London, Evie came back to the train to share her success with Green, with whom she was now in a romantic relationship. In her wagon, the Assassin discovered a bouquet and tried to decypher the hidden message, while Green had been discreetly positioned himself behind her, watching her.

  • Evie: A message... of hope. Perfection? A red tulip...

Henry revealed himself.

  • Henry: ... a declaration of love. I- Miss Evie Frye, you know that I hold you in the highest esteem... and regard. And I was wondering if you would do me the honor of- If you would, give me your hand... in matrimony.
  • Evie: Yes.

... and they kissed.


While completing an herbium and accomplishing Assassin missions together, Evie Frye and Henry Green grew closer, later entering into a romantic relationship and culminating with their betrothal.


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