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Predator to Prey was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Tahira, an old friend of Bayek, asks for his help in dealing with Roman hunters.


Bayek found Tahira at her campsite after escorting the albino crocodile.

  • Tahira: Here, Bayek. The gods still have need for us.
  • Bayek: What are your plans now, Tahira?
  • Tahira: Sobek is not done with me yet, and thus he still has use for you. Are you game?
  • Bayek: I have much to do. What more do you need?
  • Tahira: The Roman hunters still infest this area like maggots. In time, they will come together and undo our work. They will consume everything. But if we strike now, while they are alone and seperated, we may bloody them enough to drive them off.
  • Bayek: Do you truly need my help?
  • Tahira: I would not ask, otherwise.

Bayek followed Tahira as she led him to a camp where they found Romans hunting flamingos.

  • Tahira: Quiet now. Hunters ahead.

They snuck closer.

  • Tahira: Now... fall upon them like Sobek's wrath!

Bayek and Tahira attacked and eliminated the hunters.

  • Tahira: Quick work. Though I do not know what they do with the flamingos.
  • Bayek: They eat the tongue. A Roman delicacy, boiled with dates... or so I've heard.
  • Tahira: Sounds terrible.

Bayek followed Tahira to another area.

  • Bayek: How long have you been out this way?
  • Tahira: Long enough for scar tissue to grow over some wounds. But some are still raw.

They reached the old shrine to Sobek, crawling with Romans hunters.

  • Tahira: Wait. That is not a right sound.

They overheard a conversation.

  • Roman Soldier: Beat the bushes for the great sacred crocodiles! Glory and reward for whomever finds and catches them!
  • Tahira: Those pus-filled scabs! They are defiling the shrine and trying to recapture Sobek's children!

Bayek and Tahira eliminated the Roman hunters.

  • Tahira: Good. Sobek's children can grow fat off Roman bones.
  • Bayek: (chuckling) I think you might be Sobek's adopted daughter.
  • Tahira: (laughing) Oh, hush! Come, there are more of these Roman maggots to find.

Bayek followed Tahira to another area.

  • Tahira: When we parted, you still had more names to find.
  • Bayek: I found them.
  • Tahira: And did they ease your night terrors?
  • Bayek: No. Rather, they unlocked a whole new world of atrocities.

They reached a nearby hippopotamus lair, where Romans hunters were holding the animals in cages amidst ruins.

  • Tahira: Be on guard.
    These Roman leeches prove their courage by caging hippos.
  • Bayek: The Romans are fools. Rampaging hippos endanger every living thing.

Bayek and Tahira eliminated the Roman hunters.

  • Tahira: That was god's work, Bayek. It was good to be at your side again.
  • Bayek: My father always said to be wary of a smiling crocodile, but I will take Sobek's favor if he's offering.
  • Tahira: I do not know how long he will continue to smile. Cities like Herakleion are a blight upon the land, driving the gods away from here. We are witnessing the end of an age.
  • Bayek: I thought I was supposed to be the somber one.
  • Tahira: (chuckling) You are right, my brother.
  • Bayek: It was good to see you, Tahira. May all the gods watch over you.
  • Tahira: And you. I will follow Sobek's children into the green. I hope you find what you are looking for.


Bayek helped Tahira to eliminate the Roman hunters in the region before they could seriously hurt the wildlife population, receiving a bow in the process.


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