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Precious Bonds was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek encounters a prisoner who needs help finding a valuable ring he has lost.


ACO - Precious Bonds 01

Bayek encounters a captive in a bandit hideout.

While exploring the Khufu Temple Hideout, Bayek came across a man locked in a cage.

  • Oba: Pssst! You there! Is that a Medjay badge? Over here!
    Please, I am weak! Get me out of here! I will show you all of Giza's secrets. I know everything!

Bayek unlocked the cage.

  • Oba: Could you carry me? I will fall on my own. Help me!

Bayek carried Oba on his back.

  • Oba: The gods are smiling! You are a true hero!
  • Bayek: Keep quiet. Head down.

Bayek carried Oba out of the hideout and put him down on the ground. Oba stood up.

  • Oba: Freedom!
  • Bayek: You recover quick...
  • Oba: Now, how about we loot some tombs!?
  • Bayek: Have I helped another criminal of Egypt?
  • Oba: Oh, that is right – you are a Medjay. No! Not a criminal. I'm an opportunist!
  • Bayek: I know your kind. What did you dig up this time? It sure caught the eyes of those bandits.
  • Oba: A ring of unparalleled riches, as you can see, everyone wants it. Those bandits dragged me around trying to find it. Me? I just want what it is worth. You think I enjoy being a scavenger?
  • Bayek: Yes.
  • Oba: Hmm. Come. Follow me to my palace. My safety is your duty, is it not? You saw how dangerous it is out here.
  • Bayek: I suppose...

Oba left for his quarters, and Bayek followed.

  • Oba: Yes! My very own Medjay! What a treat. I thought you were all buried beneath the sands of time!
  • Bayek: Not all.
  • Oba: You should join us. We could use a strong warrior like yourself.
  • Bayek: To get you out of all the trouble you get yourself into?
  • Oba: Yes... It is hard out here for us, you know? Bandits always up our asses.

They reached some horses, and mounted.

  • Bayek: Then you should trade this ring and be done with it.
  • Oba: I know, but Giza has so much wonder, and mystery. You just have to look hard enough! And the rewards... Oh, the rewards!

Near some ruins, Oba dismounted, and Bayek followed suit.

  • Oba: Ah ha! That is my palace – up ahead!
  • Bayek: Some palace...

Oba greeted another man at the place.

ACO - Precious Bonds 02

Oba leads Bayek to his hideout and greets Nebti.

  • Oba: Nebti! My seni! Why didn't you come searching for me!? I was locked in a cell for days! Nek! Where is the ring?
  • Nebti: Okay, calm down. Rashidi has it. Who is this?
  • Oba: This is my brother, gonna help us find the ring.
  • Nebti: Are you serious?
  • Bayek: Okay, yeah. Why not? I've got time.
  • Nebti: Hah! Luck is always on your side, isn't it, Oba?
  • Oba: If it was, I'd have my ring.
  • Nebti: Our ring, yes, yes!
  • Oba: That ring is worth millions of drachmas. Cleopatra would lay you if you gave it to her.
  • Nebti: We should check for our other brothers. They have the ring.
  • Bayek: There are bandits all around here. I'll start there.
  • Nebti: Rashidi went south. Likely ran into those bandits camped by the Sphinx, the fool...
  • Bayek: Rashidi is in danger. I have to get him out of that bandit camp.

Bayek spoke to Oba.

  • Bayek: Who's Rashidi?
  • Oba: Another brother! But between you and I, I do not trust him with the ring. Nebti either. I would spend the ring's money on my family. Do you have any idea how many children I have!? Guess!
  • Bayek: None.
  • Oba: Hah. Sixty! You were not even close.

Bayek spoke to Nebti.

  • Bayek: What happened to Rashidi?
  • Nebti: Bandits got a hold of him. Like Oba. I will tell you a secret though. I do not trust either of them with the ring. In fact, I think they are going against me.

Bayek located the bandit camp, and Rashidi.

  • Rashidi: What did I do to deserve this?
    Is someone there? Hello? Get me out of here! They will be back any moment!
  • Bayek: Rashidi?
  • Rashidi: Huh? You know my name?
  • Bayek: I'm here to get you out.
ACO - Precious Bonds 03

Bayek carrying Rashidi out of the camp.

Bayek freed the caged scavenger, and carried the man out of the hideout.

  • Bayek: This ring you've found is certainly sought after.
  • Rashidi: You know about the ring!?
  • Bayek: Oba and Nebti said you might be in trouble. I think you'd all be better off giving up this life, hmm?
  • Rashidi: We could, if we had the ring!
  • Bayek: Wait, you mean you don't have it?
  • Rashidi: Turo punched me straight in the face and took off to the Hemon Tombs to trade it.
  • Bayek: Agh... Who is Turo?
  • RashidI: A brother!
  • Bayek: Of course. I will go make sure he's alright. Go back to your brothers. You'll be safer with them.
  • Rashidi: Hardly!

Rashidi turned to leave, and Bayek thought.

  • Bayek: I wonder what tale Turo will tell me.

Bayek spoke to Rashidi again.

  • Bayek: You should get back to camp with your brothers. I'll find Turo.
  • Rashidi: Make sure he leads you to that ring! We're supposed to share it, but I think he ran off to sell it himself.

Bayek headed to the Hemon Mastaba, where he discovered bodies of several bandits.

  • Bayek: Ugh. Looks like the bandits caught up but crossed some hyenas. Is Turo among the dead?
ACO - Precious Bonds 04

Bayek examining Turo's corpse.

In the ruined stonework, there was a half-closed door. Bayek slid under it into a chamber and discovered a man's body inside.

  • Bayek: This must be Turo.

Bayek examined Turo's body.

  • Bayek: What's this? Ugh. His hand was eaten. A hyena must have swallowed the ring, too. This is absurd.

Bayek left the place in search of the hyena who swallowed the ring. He found the animal near the Pyramid of Menkaure and killed it, recovering the ring.

  • Bayek: At last. The ring Oba, Nebti and Rashidi were looking for.
    Time to put an end to this.

Bayek returned to the scavenger camp, where Oba, Nebti and Rashidi were waiting.

  • Bayek: I have bad news.
  • Oba: You lost the ring!?
  • Nebti: You lost the ring!?
  • Rashidi: You lost the ring!?
  • Bayek: Turo is dead...
  • Oba: Oh, tragic... and the ring?
  • Nebti: Yes, quite unfortunate. And what of the ring?
  • Rashidi: Did you find it!?
  • Bayek: ...I found it. Did you not hear me? About Turo?
  • Oba: This mess is their fault! Give it to me! My Medjay, come on!
  • Nebti: These men are ungrateful. It belongs to me.
  • Rashidi: It is mine! I am the one who does all the work! Give it to me!
  • Oba: It is mine!
ACO - Precious Bonds 07

Bayek tosses the ring up behind him.

After listening to their arguing for a moment, Bayek made his decision.

  • Bayek: I should be on my way now, brothers.

Bayek took out the ring, which all the men reached to take it. Bayek withdrew.

  • Bayek: Are you not sad? Your friends have died.
  • Oba: In Giza, a friend dies everyday.

Bayek turned around and tossed the ring, which fell onto the roof of a tent. The three scavengers competed against each other to climb up to the roof. The ring fell onto the ground, and rolled into a crack, and the men rushed to try and find it.

  • Oba: Where is it!?
  • Nebti: Nek! The ring!

Bayek approached the three while they looked for the ring.

  • Oba: Damn those two! I have to find the ring before they do!
  • Bayek: Keep looking. I'm sure it'll pop up somewhere.
  • Oba: Gah! I will never give up!

He approached Nebti.

  • Nebti: I am keeping far away from the others, and when I find that ring, I will go even further!
  • Bayek: You better hurry. They might find it before you do.

Then he approached Rashidi.

  • Rashidi: Shh, the ring is still missing but I think it is somewhere close by!
  • Bayek: I think the others found it.
  • Rashidi: They have not... Have they? Have they?! Gah! You are playing tricks on me.


Bayek helped the scavengers to retrieve their precious ring. He then threw it away, causing them to fight amongst themselves to find it.




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