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Praxithea was a Greek woman who previously served as the Pythia in the Sanctuary of Delphi during the 5th century BCE. She was the grandmother of Agave and Lykaon.


Oracle of Delphi

At least since the 440s BCE, Praxithea served as the Pythia in the Temple of Apollo in the Sanctuary of Delphi. Like many of the Pythia before her, she was forced by the Cult of Kosmos to relay prophesies according to their designs, one of these was that the youngest child of the Spartan general Nikolaos would have to die to prevent the downfall of Sparta.[1] For she ever refused, her family would be made to suffer the consequences.[2] At one point, she became the grandmother of Agave and Lykaon.[1]

Confession and capture

Some years before Peloponnesian War, Praxithea retired from the Pythia role and succeeded by another oracle. As the war broke out, she stayed in a residence not far away from the Chora of Delphi. Eventually, her guilt for relaying false prophecies to the visitors led her to confessed what she had done to both Lykaon and Agave. They did not receive the news well and sought various ways to bring her to justice: Lykaon wishing to kill her himself, while Agave wanting to let Praxithea be taken away.[1]

In 431 BCE, Praxithea was taken away by a group of bandits hired by the Cult after Agave willingly gave away her location. Captured and held in the Farmhouse west of the Chora, her grandson Lykaon was able to deduce her location with the help of the misthios Kassandra.[1] After being freed and escorted to safety by Kassandra, Praxithea was interrogated about her past by the misthios, who family on Mount Taygetos was the one that had been disrupted by her false prophecy. Praxithea expressed her remorse for the incident and apologised to Kassandra. The two were later interrupted by the arrival of Lykaon, who wished to be one to kill Praxithea himself. The former oracle, however, wished for Kassandra to be one instead, stating that it will ruin Lykaon's life as a healer if he became a killer.[2]


  • Depending on the choices Kassandra made, Praxithea can be either spared, be killed by Lykaon or be killed by Kassandra herself.
  • She shares her name with multiple figures from Greek mythology.
  • The name is derived from the Greek words πρᾶξῐς (prâxis), meaning 'action, exercise, deed' and θεά(theā́), which means 'goddess'.
  • When Kassandra was a baby, she was taken by her mother Myrrine to see the Pythia. Whether this Pythia was Praxithea or someone else is uncertain.[3]



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