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This article is about the Cyrenean healer. You may be looking for the Sicyonian poet.

Praxilla was a Greek healer who resided in the Green Mountains region of Cyrenaica during the 1st century BCE. She devoted her life to healing the poor in her father Theramenes' makeshift clinic in Balagrae.


During the mid-1st century BCE, Praxilla served as a healer in the Green Mountains region, providing aid to the residents in the area, including the Siwan farmers who worked in the farmlands, befriending them in the process.[1]

In 47 BCE, Flavius Metellus, the proconsul of Cyrenaica and a member of the Order of the Ancients, passed through the region, using the relic in his possession on the farmers in the area, driving many insane and to do his bidding. When one of the affected farmers, Mereruka, attacked his fellow Egyptians and attempted to kill them, Praxilla tried to stop him but to no avail, forcing her to kill him in self defense. Praxilla later met the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, when he passed through the farmlands in pursuit of Flavius. Together, they searched the farm for survivors, eliminating several of Flavius' men in the process. They found an old blind lady, Nenet, in one of the farmhouses and escorted her to Praxilla's cart for safety. Before bringing Nenet to Praxilla's clinic in Balagrae, Praxilla gave Bayek a ring and directed him to look for Diocles, a childhood friend of hers in Cyrene, before bidding him farewell.[1]

Sometime after their meeting, Praxilla was visited by Bayek in her clinic in Balagrae, where he checked on her. Praxilla informed Bayek that Flavius had passed by the town, with the relic's effects being imminent and various residents going missing. Praxilla asked Bayek to search for her friend Crios in the Asklepieion while she looked for Melitta, a fellow healer and priestess. Coming upon Melitta's shrine in the mountains north of the town, Praxilla discovered that Melitta had succumbered to the relic's effect as well and had been kidnapping the residents for Flavius to test the relic on. Praxilla was captured and she attempted to reason with Melitta but to no avail. Praxilla was eventually rescued by Bayek, who assassinated Melitta in the process.[2]

Praxilla with Bayek, Diocles and Vitruvius

After the assassination of Flavius, Praxilla was again visited by Bayek, who checked on her progress after Melitta's death. When Bayek asked about Crios, Praxilla reported that he had gone missing while collecting herbs, leading her to prepare to search for his whereabouts. Bayek offered to locate Crios in her place, inviting her to meet with Diocles and Vitruvius at the shrine of the Oracle of Apollo north of the aqueduct, promising to join them later. During the meeting, Diocles proposed to Praxilla, announcing their wedding plans to Bayek and Vitruvius. They later dubbed themselves Cyrene's Triumvirate, as each helped to usher in peace to the colony.[3]

Personality and characteristics

As a healer, Praxilla made the sacred oath to never cause death. However, to defend innocent people, she could fight and kill.

Behind the scenes

Praxilla is a character introduced in the 2017 video game Assassin's Creed: Origins and is voiced by the Greek-born British actor Glykeria Dimou. Her name is possibly a derivative of Praxis, meaning 'practical' in Greek.

Upon seeing Praxilla again at the clinic in Balagrae, Bayek will greet her as a "brave widow", suggesting that Flavius' passage with the Apple deprived her of her husband, though no further comment is made concerning this.[2]

After the mission "One Bad Apple", Praxilla can be observed at her clinic, however players are unable to interact with her any further.




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