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Practice Makes Perfect was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Upon equipping himself with gear bought through money given to him by his uncle, Mario Auditore, Ezio returned to the Villa Auditore as he was instructed.


Ezio returned to the villa.

  • Ezio: Salute (Hello), uncle. I did as you asked.
  • Mario: And quickly too. Ben fatto! (Well done!) Now let's teach you how to fight.
  • Ezio: No. As I said, we are leaving.
PMP 1 v

Mario urging Ezio to learn how to fight

  • Mario: Ezio! You barely held your own against Vieri. You won't survive a week on the road. If you want to leave – so be it. But at least do so armed with the skills and knowledge necessary to defend yourself.
    If not for me, for your mother and sister.

Ezio reluctantly agreed.

  • Ezio: Fine.
  • Mario: Ottimo! (Very good!)

Ezio began his training and respected Mario's request, and performed sessions every day guided by his uncle. While training, Mario educated Ezio about the Templar and the Assassin Orders and their continued war against one another.

  • Mario: You can swing a sword, to be sure. But offence alone will not carry a battle. You must survive long enough to strike. I will teach you how to dodge.
  • Ezio: You said my father was more than just a banker?
  • Mario: No use dancing around it, I suppose. Your father was an Assassin, Ezio.
  • Ezio: I told you before: my father was a paper pusher.
  • Mario: No. He was born and bred to kill.
  • Ezio: I find this difficult to believe.
  • Mario: What of the list you carry? Do you think it's merely a catalog of debts? It holds the name of those responsible for your father's murder.

Ezio learned how to quick step after some time.

  • Mario: Bene (Good), I've taught you how to avoid your enemy's attacks. Now you'll learn how to turn them to your advantage!
  • Ezio: All this talk of Assassins and Templars. It reeks of fantasy.
  • Mario: Like something from an old parchment covered in arcane writing, perhaps?
  • Ezio: How did you know...?
  • Mario: You have your father's blade. I figured you'd have the Codex page he was holding as well.
  • Ezio: Codex?
PMP 5 v

Ezio dueling Mario

  • Mario: Sì. A guide to the inner workings of our order - its origin, purpose and techniques. Our creed, if you will. Your father believed the Codex contained a powerful secret. Something that would change the world. Perhaps it's why they came for him...
  • Ezio: Assassins, Templars, Codex pages... This is a lot to take in.
  • Mario: You need to open your mind, Ezio. Always remember:
    Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.

Ezio learned how to counter an attack.

  • Mario: You're making fine progress, Ezio! Today I'm going to teach you how to position yourself in battle. Where you stand and how you move make all the difference.
    Don't think I haven't seen you picking apart my library. I trust you believe me now?
  • Ezio: Yes. My father was an Assassin. But why the need for such secrecy?
  • Mario: Are you familiar with the Templars? One of several Knightly orders formed during the Crusades. History teaches they were disbanded nearly 200 years ago in France. Only they weren't. Merely pushed underground where they continued their nefarious work.
  • Ezio: What work?
  • Mario: The Templars seek dominion over man. And we, the Assassins, are sworn to stand against them.
  • Ezio: Was Uberto one of them?
  • Mario: Yes.
  • Ezio: And the other names on my father's list?
  • Mario: Templars as well.
  • Ezio: That means Vieri...
  • Mario: Just like his father, Francesco. Likely the entire Pazzi family.
  • Ezio: It would explain many things...

When Ezio's training was complete, Mario challenged Ezio to a swordfight and was defeated by him.

  • Mario: Well done nipote (nephew)! You've really come into your own.
  • Ezio: Thank you, uncle, for all you have given me.
PMP 7 v

Ezio rejecting Mario's proposal to stay

  • Mario: You're family! Such is my duty and my desire!
  • Ezio: I'm glad you had me stay.
  • Mario: Good! You've reconsidered leaving!
  • Ezio: We sail for Spain in three days...
  • Mario: But, nipote (nephew), I have given you these skills that you might be better prepared to strike against our enemies...
  • Ezio: And if they find me, I will.
  • Mario: You want to leave, Ezio? To throw away everything your father fought and died for? To deny your heritage?
    Fine! Come vuoi. Arrivederci e buona fortuna.
    (So be it. Goodbye and good luck.)

Stubbornly, Mario stormed out of the training ring and into the villa, and Ezio tried to call him back.

  • Ezio: Uncle, wait!

Ezio then talked to a mercenary beside him.

  • Ezio: Why is he so upset?
  • Orazio: How can he not be? Vieri has been harassing us since you first arrived. To be expected, I suppose. Given his heritage...

Ezio walked into the villa to find his uncle, but could only find one of his mercenaries.

  • Ezio: Uncle!
    Where is everyone?
PMP 10 v

Ezio assuring Claudia that Maria will recover

  • Mercenary: They ride for San Gimignano to slay that snake, Vieri.
  • Ezio: I wish to join them.
  • Mercenary: You'll find what you need at the stables.

Before departing to Tuscany, Ezio paid a visit to his mother and sister, of who the latter was worried about Maria.

  • Claudia: Ezio, look at her. I still can't get her to talk! She spends all day and night in front of those feathers Petruccio used to collect. She can't let him go. I don't know what to do.
  • Ezio: Don't worry. She'll come back to us, I know it.


Ezio trained under his uncle for fifteen months, and in his time with Mario, he also learned about the war between the Templars and Assassins.



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