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AC4 Principe


Príncipe is the northernmost and smallest of the two major islands of the country of São Tomé and Príncipe off the west coast of Africa. It was colonized by Portugal in the seventeenth century, and was a major trade station for the slave trade. It was protected by a fort on a cliff overlooking the sea, with a small village and docks located at sea level behind it.


Prior to 1719, the Princess docked here on a regular basis to pick up new slaves headed for the West Indies. When the ship was commandeered by the Templars Josiah Burgess and John Cockram, their target, the Sage Bartholomew Roberts, hid in the jungle. Eventually, the pirate captain Edward Kenway found him, killed the Templars, and freed the Princess's crew.[1]

In 1722, when Roberts became one of Kenway's assassination targets, he was known to have made Príncipe his headquarters. Kenway made his way through the pirates' compound, but was detected by Roberts before he could kill him. Roberts leapt onto the mast of his ship, the Royal Fortune. Kenway followed in his Jackdaw, and the two ships battled in the bay before Kenway was able to board the Fortune and kill the Sage.[1]




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