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Power of Voodoo was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Having journeyed to the Louisiana Bayou, Aveline arrived at Agaté's hideout to warn him of Vázquez's bribed soldiers.


The hideout was deserted, prompting Aveline to look for clues that could lead to her Mentor. Freerunning through the trees, she found him a short distance away from his hut.

  • Aveline: Agaté!
  • Agaté: Who- Who are you? You look like a faithful student I had once, long ago. She no longer exists.
  • Aveline: Mentor, I know you have doubted me. But please, my absence has not been in vain. Look what I found.

Aveline showed half of the Prophecy Disk to Agaté.

  • Agaté: You should have left it where it lay. Do you have any idea of its purpose or power?
  • Aveline: I was hoping you could enlighten-
  • Agaté: Had you not insisted on dredging it up, no one would need to know! Remove it from my sight. Bury it and forget the spot. Grind it into powder. Plant it under an alligator nest. Let me never lay eyes on it again.

Some time passed before Aveline returned to Agaté.

  • Aveline: Very well. I had thought you would accept it as confirmation of my loyalty. My... someone told me you were looking for it.
  • Agaté: You should not allow gossip to infect your mind. Now be gone.
  • Aveline: Not before I warn you, mentor. You are not safe here.
  • Agaté: Have I not been telling you this for years? Useless child.
  • Aveline: This threat is new, and very real. A man, Vázquez-
  • Agaté: I am aware. He bribes Spanish troops. But I already have plans to outwit them. I will use their superstition against them.
Power of Voodoo 4

Agaté explaining his plan to Aveline

  • Aveline: Let me help.
  • Agaté: I know I cannot stop you.
  • Aveline: You will see, my loyalty is real.
  • Agaté: Very well. Listen closely. See if you can follow this plan. I have planted signs, which our dear European friends find terrifying. If you are able to follow instructions, you may tail them from sign to sign, and eliminate them silently, giving the appearance of a voodoo "curse".
  • Aveline: And then? A curse may frighten them, but will it be enough to stop the flow of new recruits?
  • Agaté: More questions? I thought you were here to help.
    Ah, silence at last. Go now, before you spoil this moment.

Aveline obeyed Agaté's orders and went to find a vantage point from where she could oversee the patrol.

  • Guard 1: Look! It's- It's-
  • Guard 2: How childish can you be? It's nothing.
  • Guard 1: W- what are you doing?
  • Guard 2: What do you think? I'm removing it!
  • Guard 1: You can't! We'll be cursed!
  • Guard 2: Ooh, we'll be cursed. Truly, I'm terrified.

From above, Aveline used her blowpipe to stealthily poison a guard.

Power of Voodoo 6

Aveline poisoning one of the guards

  • Guard 3: It's true!
  • Guard 4: Move out! It is not safe here.

Aveline followed the patrol until they happened upon another of Agaté's signs.

  • Guard 1: Dios santo (God in heaven), more voodoo!

Aveline poisoned another guard with her blowpipe, frightening one of the soldiers into running away.

  • Guard 4: Deserter! Come back! I will have you court-marshaled!
  • Guard 1: Now who's the child?
  • Guard 4: Keep moving, men! And this time, keep your eyes open and wits about you. May God watch over us.

Aveline kept following the patrol and poisoned another guard.

  • Guard 4: Run! Run!

The remainder of the patrol ran back towards the fort, too scared to continue.


Using the illusion of a voodoo curse, Aveline frightened the Spanish soldiers, temporarily halting their attempts in taking control of the bayou and finding her Mentor's hideout.


  • In the Vita iteration, the first guard to run away simply escapes into the bayou. In the HD remake, he is instead shot dead for his cowardice.



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