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Power from the Past was a virtual representation of one of Nikolai Orelov and Anastasia's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Following the incident with the box and Nikolai's necklace, the Assassin decided to help Anastasia escape.


  • Anastasia: What—What... happened? What did you do?
  • Orelov: I didn't do anything...
  • Anastasia: You did something to me! Cursed me... with that necklace. I could never kill anyone! I can barely hold a gun!
  • Guard 1: Quickly! This way!
  • Orelov: Listen to me, child. I can help you. I have... friends. They will know what has happened to you. Come with me if you want to live.
  • Anastasia: No, my family, I must find them...
  • Orelov: They are dead. I'm sorry...
  • Anastasia: NO! This can't be! Maria, Tatiana!
  • Orelov: It's too late; you can only save yourself now. Think of what your family would want. Come, we must leave. I'll protect you. You have my word. Keep my dagger, it looks like you know how to use it.

Anastasia and Orelov split up, each taking their own path.

  • Anastasia: Who is that man? Why is he helping me?

Anastasia encountered guards in the sewers.

  • Anastasia: Bolshevik soldiers. They're everywhere. I need to be careful. If I could just get the guard to look over there...

She continued her way through the sewers.

  • Guard 2: One of the children is still missing... I think it is one of the daughters.
  • Guard 3: Shit. We'd better hope someone finds her, quickly.
  • Anastasia: I need to get out of here. Find out what has happened to me.

Anastasia continued on, picking a lock.

  • Anastasia: I didn't know I could do that...

Climbing through the area, Anastasia reached the exit.

  • Anastasia: I feel...so strong. Thank goodness I am out of there. Now to find that man... and use him to get me out of here.

Anastasia made her way through a courtyard.

  • Guard 4: What is an Assassin doing here?
  • Guard 5: Who knows... Who cares.
  • Guard 4: But what does he want with us?
  • Guard 5: I don't know... All I know is that from now on my rifle is going to be my closest friend.
  • Anastasia: A rope... I can use this. If I could just assemble it with the dagger.

Eventually, Anastasia reached a machine gun.

  • Anastasia: Machine gun! I don't stand a chance!
  • Orelov: Over here! It's me you want!

Orelov made his way over to the truck on which the gun was mounted.

  • Orelov: This is close enough, I need to take him out.

The Assassin shot the guard operating the gun.

  • Orelov: That's it, girl! Move! Meet me on the edge of your estate!

Anastasia continued, entering the house in which she and her family had been held.

  • Anastasia: I feel like I could kill...all of them.

While traversing the building, she collected three family heirlooms.

  • Anastasia: Mama... How could I ever be as strong as you were? This bracelet bears the initials of all of us, it's mine to wear now...the last of us.
    Tanya...your journal...they did not take it. All your lost love memories. They will not burn to ashes.
    Father... I know you only did what you thought was best for our people. I pray that you have given me the strength to always do what I believe is right and just...

Anastasia overheard some men talking about her family.

  • Guard 6: Do you think there is much to be had from the bodies?
  • Guard 7: I bet the guys who did it grabbed the lion's share, but we can always have a look.
  • Guard 6: I wonder if they've stopped twitching yet...?
  • Anastasia: Listen to them, gloat about killing my family. They won't be laughing in a moment when I plunge my blade into them.

Anastasia assassinated the six guards patrolling around her.

  • Anastasia: Murderer! Bastard! Templar scum! I am the blade in the shadows... I walk in the darkness... And strike swiftly...

Anastasia opened the door and stepped outside.

  • Guard: Identify yourself!
    Stay where you are!
    Who's there?
  • Anastasia: Wait! Wait! Don't shoot!

Orelov shot the guard.

  • Orelov: I've got you, child. Now move!

Anastasia collapsed while walking away from the mansion.

  • Orelov: Get up!
  • Anastasia: Something's wrong, I don't feel well.

Noticing an approaching guard, Orelov pushed Anastasia out of the way.

  • Guard: Who's there? HANDS UP! WHO ARE YOU?!
  • Orelov: Good evening, comrade.
  • Guard: DON'T MOVE!

Anastasia approached the guard from behind, breaking his neck.

  • Anastasia: How dare you push me! I should kill you like I killed them!
  • Orelov: Calm down, child!
  • Anastasia: Child?! How dare you! I am Shao Jun of the Chinese Brotherhood of Assassins. If you were not wearing the symbol of our Order, I would kill you where you stand.
  • Orelov: Snap out of it! Your name is Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova!
  • Anastasia: My name is... Ana... Anastasia?
  • Orelov: Follow me. I'll protect you.


Together, Nikolai and Anastasia escaped from Ipatiev House.



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