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Potamos Hideout

The Potamos Hideout was the camp of a bandit group Hungry Great Ones located in a small canyon in Sap-Meh Nome.


During the 1st century BCE, the Hungry Great Ones harassed the farmers near Apollodorus' Estate with constant raids. However, an individual named Meketre served as the farmers' protector, thwarting their efforts. As such in 48 BCE, the bandits captured Meketre, imprisoning him in a cage in the hideout and allowing them to conduct the raids. However, one of the raids excited the nearby hippopotami, and the animals went on a rampage, resulting in several bandits and farmers being killed.[1]

Jarha, one of the farmers who survived the attack, directed the Medjay Bayek of Siwa to the camp. There, Bayek eliminated the bandits and discovered Meketre, freeing him from the cage. Together, the two men hunted down the leader of the Hungry Great Ones, Fat Homer.[1]