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The title of this article is conjecture. Although the subject of this article is canon, no official name for it has been given.

The Portuguese Rite of the Templar Order is the branch of the Templar Order operating in Portugal.


In the early 16th century, emboldened by Portuguese colonization efforts, the Templars started sending "missionaries" as far east as India, paying for the expeditions by diverting money sent by King Manuel I. The Templar sea captain Francisco was placed in charge of the Templars' proselytizing in Portugal's colonies. However, he was eliminated by the Assassins in 1511, who boarded one of his ships in Lisbon and killed him at sea. That same year, the Templars payed large sums of money to explorers for information of their discoveries. However, the Assassins, although lacking the Templars' wealth, used other means of acquiring the same information.[1]

Sometime before 1746, the Templar Duarte Jorge Correia Pinto started looking for a First Civilization site around Lisbon, under John Harrison's specific suggestion. By 1746, his research had been a failure, and he decided to go back to his commercial activities.[2]


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