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The Portuguese Brotherhood of Assassins were the branch of Assassins located in Portugal. During the Renaissance, they frequently received aid from the Italian Brotherhood.



In 1503, the Assassins were informed by their Italian brothers, who had been sent to Lisbon by Ezio Auditore and had interrogated one of the men of King Manuel I's council, that Manuel served the Templar cause and was preparing to send a fleet, led by Vasco da Gama, to Calicut to find and destroy the local Assassins guild. This prompted the Assassins to warn their brothers in India.

Shortly after that, they learned that Manuel was forcing all Jewish people to either convert to Christianity or leave the city, but had also closed the city borders, making it impossible to escape. Anyone who refused to convert was beaten or even killed. The Assassins arranged for three ships to take the Jewish citizens out of Lisbon, though it was not enough and the Assassins were forced to kill many guards that had found out about their plans.

Knowing that they could not get all the citizens out in time, they provided them with weapons and light armor, training them in tactics such as stealth, surprise, intimidation and shock. The civilians seemed eager to fight their king, as very little of them accepted the offer to travel to Italy with the Assassins.


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