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Portrait of a Lady was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore traveled back to Sofia Sartor's book shop and handed her the book he had found, following which she informed Ezio that she was closing in on two more locations.


Portrait 1

Sofia informing of her progress

  • Sofia: Salute. (Hello.) I'm closing in on two more books – one near Topkapı and the other in the Bayezid district.
  • Ezio: Bayezid first. Topkapı will be a dead end.
  • Sofia: Ah, si. (yes.)

Ezio revealed the book.

  • Ezio: What do you make of this?
  • Sofia: Oh Ezio, è incredibile! (This is incredible!) Early coptic bindings, still in good shape. Amazing. This must be a 3rd century transcription of the original.
  • Ezio: Sofia, what happened here?
  • Sofia: Oh, that happens once or twice a year. People break in, thinking they will find money. I do not keep much here, but this time they made off with a portrait of some value. It is a shame.
  • Ezio: You keep working. I will find your painting.
  • Sofia: Ezio, the thief could be anywhere by now.
  • Ezio: If the thief came for money, but took a painting, he should be close by, eager to get rid of it.
  • Sofia: Well, if you happen to find it within the next few hours, meet me by the aqueduct. I will be running errands.

Ezio becomes suspicious.

  • Ezio: There is a man with a suspicious look

Ezio found the thief.

  • Ezio: Where is it, ladro (thief)? Confess!
  • Thief: I have done nothing! You cannot prove a damn thing!
  • Ezio: I do not need to. I will just keep hitting you until you talk.
  • Thief: I found that painting, I mean, someone gave it to me.
  • Ezio: Get your story straight before you lie to my face.
  • Thief: God help me!
  • Ezio: He has much better things to do than answer your prayers.

Ezio beat up the thief.

Portrait 4

Ezio interrogating the thief

  • Ezio: I do not care how you got the painting. Just tell me where it is.
  • Thief: I sold it to a merchant in the Bazaar. How else will I feed myself?
  • Ezio: Next time, find a nicer way to be an canaglia (asshole).

Ezio made his way to the merchant.

  • Merchant: I have a painting for sale, if you are curious. A luminous portrait. You see how lifelike she looks. Her beauty shines through!

Ezio recovered the painting and took it back to Sofia.

  • Sofia: It is a good likeness, don't you think?
  • Ezio: I prefer the original.
Portrait 7

Ezio assuring that he would try to explain his work

  • Sofia: Buffone. (You jester.) This was a gift from my father for my twenty-eight birthday. I had to sit for messer (Mister) Albrecht Dürer for a full week. Can you imagine? Me sitting still for seven days? Doing nothing?
  • Ezio: I cannot.
  • Sofia: Una tortura! (Torture!) So, I found you another book location. And it is not far from here actually.
  • Ezio: Grazie. (Thank you.)
  • Sofia: Ezio, what is this all about? You are not a scholar, that much is clear. Do you work for the church?
  • Ezio: Not the church, no. But I am a teacher... of a kind. I will explain one day, Sofia. When I can.


Ezio retrieved the painting for Sofia and another book location was revealed to him.


  • The picture Ezio retrieved was an actual painting by Albrecht Dürer, Portrait of a Venetian Woman. However, it is unknown who the original sitter for the portrait actually was.



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