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Portion Control was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra came across a Spartan soldier near the Farm of Tripodiskos.


  • Kassandra: Could be one of Stentor's scouts. Looks like he's run into problems.

Kassandra approached the Spartan soldier near a destroyed convoy.

  • Dolios: I'll gut every last Athenian responsible for this. Fucking cowards. Once they're dead, Stentor will know I'm worthy of fighting by his side.

Kassandra spoke to the soldier.

  • Kassandra: What happened here?
  • Dolios: What business is it of yours, misthios? Do you know anything about this?

  • Kassandra: If I did, you'd already be dead.
    But it's your lucky day, I'm here to help. Stentor sent me.

Kassandra took out her badge.

  • Kassandra: I'm a professional and a friend.
  • Dolios: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Kassandra: If it had been me, I'd have been smart enough to try and hide the evidence.
  • Dolios: Fair point. Whoever did this was brazen and foolish... Leaving it to be so easily discovered.
  • Kassandra: Or they wanted to send a message.

Kassandra took out a badge.

  • Kassandra: Stentor sent me. I'm here to help wherever I can.

  • Dolios: Stentor sent you?
  • Kassandra: Sparta doesn't fully control Megaris... yet. It's easier for me to move freely in certain areas of Megaris than a Spartan.
  • Dolios: The Athenians have proven more resilient her than expected, but they will not stand...
  • Kassandra: ...Before Sparta, yes—I've heard the speeches. But until that glorious day comes, we should find out what happened here.
  • Dolios: Do you have any ideas?
  • Kassandra: Not yet but I will.
    I should get a closer look to figure out what happened here.
ACOD Portion Control - Spartan Soldier Bodies

Kassandra investigating the bodies

Kassandra investigated the bodies covered in sheets.

  • Kassandra: These were professional soldiers, slaughtered to a man. I don't think bandits could have done this...

Kassandra investigated the destroyed supply carts.

  • Kassandra: The supplies are missing. They can't have gone far though... they didn't use the carts.

Kassandra investigated some tracks near the cart.

  • Kassandra: Looks like they went this way into the forest.
    I don't think I'll find anything else. I should report back.

Kassandra returned to Dolios.

  • Dolios: So was it the Athenians?
  • Kassandra: I found some fragments of green crystal...
  • Dolios: Bandits then! The mountains here are riddled with caves, and the war has made them brazen.

  • Kassandra: If it was Athenians, they would have taken the carts as well as the supplies... And bandits, they wouldn't have stood a chance against trained Spartans.
  • Dolios: What are you saying?

  • Kassandra: Nothing about this adds up...
  • Dolios: In what way?
  • Kassandra: There's no bodies, at least not any assailants. Athenians would have taken the carts and their dead, but bandits would have left their fallen in the dust.
  • Dolios: Then who did it?

  • Kassandra: I'm not sure. Whoever did this went into the forest... So I'll start by looking there.

Kassandra headed into the forest. With Ikaros' help, she found a cave southwest of the Grave of Tereus.

  • Kassandra: There they are!
ACOD Portion Control - Kassandra Finds Villagers

Kassandra finding a group of villagers

Kassandra entered the cave and found a group of villagers with a bunch of supplies.

  • Kassandra: Is this a private gathering, or can anyone join?
  • Neaera: Wha... What are y... Please, please just leave.
  • Kassandra: You don't look like murderers, was that the Spartans' mistake?
  • Neaera: What? Wait! No, please you don't understand!
  • Kassandra: What's to understand? It all seems perfectly clear.
  • Neaera: Please, let me plead our case?

  • Kassandra: You are murderers and thieves, and deserve no better.
  • Neaera: Please, no! You don't understand, it was a mercenary that killed the soldiers!

Kassandra fought Neaera and the villagers.

  • Neaera: Please, no!
  • Civilian: Mercenaries attacked the wagons, not us!
  • Neaera: We were just hungry...

Kassandra eliminated the villagers and returned to Dolios.

  • Dolios: Kassandra Did you find the ones responsible?
  • Kassandra: I found your supplies with a bunch of hungry Megarians.
  • Dolios: And?
  • Kassandra: They won't trouble you again.

  • Kassandra: You'd better tell me why I shouldn't just kill you and return the goods.
  • Neaera: Please, I'll tell you anything you want to know.

  • Kassandra: You're the sorriest band of thieves I've ever seen.
  • Neaera: By the gods no! We're citizens of Megara. Please, show mercy. This war has already cost us dearly.
  • Kassandra: Like the mercy you showed those Spartan soldiers?
  • Neaera: I, we... We just took some food. Hyrkanos told us to take it, said he'd make it easy for us.
  • Kassandra: Hyrkanos?
  • Neaera: Yes, the mercenary. He said he'd provide food, told us the Athenians would never let their people go hungry.

  • Kassandra: Explain yourselves! It's not wise to anger the Spartans.
  • Neaera: Please, we're not thieves. This is our food, our crops. They took it, left us with nothing! Our children are starving...
  • Kassandra: So you repay theft with murder? A fine lesson for your children.
  • Neaera: Murder, no. Please, we never harmed anyone.
  • Civilian: A misthios told us where to find the food. Everyone was already dead!

  • Kassandra: Enough, I didn't come here for debate. It's too late for talk now. I came to find who's behind this crime against Sparta.

  • Kassandra: There is only one just punishment for your crime.
  • Civilian: It was our food to begin with!
  • Neaera: We either die here by your hand, or slowly starve later...
    If I'm to die, I would rather die fighting.

Kassandra eliminated the villagers and returned to Dolios.

  • Dolios: Kassandra Did you find the ones responsible?
  • Kassandra: I found your supplies with a bunch of hungry Megarians.
  • Dolios: And?
  • Kassandra: They won't trouble you again.

  • Kassandra: Stand aside, you don't need to die today. I'm returning the supplies to the Spartans.
  • Neaera: Then you will do so over our dead bodies!
  • Kassandra: Don't be stupid. Take some of the food, enough to get by. I'll say I killed you and claimed what was left. They will be satisfied.
  • Neaera: But the food, what of our families?!
  • Kassandra: Your families will not benefit from your death. Accept my offer and don't steal again. It won't be me who comes for you next time.
  • Neaera: Yes, misthios... Thank you.
    Hurry! Take what you can carry and go. Quick.

Kassandra took the supplies and returned to Dolios.

  • Dolios: Kassandra Did you find the ones responsible?
  • Kassandra: I found your supplies with a bunch of hungry Megarians.
  • Dolios: And?
  • Kassandra: You stole that food from them. They were starving.
  • Dolios: The supplies were essential for the war and ridding Megara of the Athenians.
  • Kassandra: Hungry Megarians are the least of your worries, but there's something else. Have you heard of a mercenary called Hyrkanos?
  • Dolios: Hyrkanos... Yes, he is working for the Athenians, so the rumours go.
  • Kassandra: This is all his doing.
  • Dolios: These mercenaries are persistent, I'll give them that. You've done well here, but if you really want to help Sparta, I have a task for you.
  • Kassandra: What do you have in mind?
  • Dolios: Hunt him down! Show him that no mercenary dog will interfere with Sparta's plans.
  • Kassandra: Since you have such a high opinion of mercenaries, why even send me?
  • Dolios: I'm sorry... It's just this man Hyrkanos is like a thorn in our foot. He's a menace to all Spartans here. Please, will you help us?
  • Kassandra: I'll do it. If he's this much trouble, I take it there's a sizeable reward?
  • Dolios: Of course! Just think of how much he'll have on him with all the drachmae Athens have given him to thwart our plans.
  • Kassandra: I suppose you're right... Any idea where to start looking?
  • Dolios: He could be anywhere. Most likely, he's nestled up close to the Athenians. We've sent out a couple of patrols, but they never returned, and we can't spare any more men at this time.
  • Kassandra: Sometimes you're better sending a woman, anyway.


Kassandra decided the fate of the villagers who stole the supplies and reported to Dolios of the outcome. If the villagers are spared, Kassandra learned of the mercenary Hyrkanos who aided Athens and Dolios requested her aid in eliminating him.



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