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Porta Pinciana

The Porta Pinciana is a northern gate of the Aurelian Walls in Rome located in the Campagna District. The name is derived from the family name Pincia, who owned the eponymous hill, the Pincian Hill, and the gate marked the start of the Via Salaria.


Unlike the other gates of the Aurelian Walls, the Porta Pinciana was not constructed alongside the wall in the reign of Emperor Aurelian. Rather, it was built in the early 5th century by Emperor Honorius through the adaptation of a previously existing service entrance.[1]

A popular legend during the Middle Ages claimed that Byzantine general Belisarius, who defended Rome against the Ostrogoths, had his eyes gouged out by his Emperor Justinian I and was reduced to a beggar lingering near the Porta Pinciana. It was said that when questioned about his involvement in the blinding, Emperor Justinian denied it, whereupon he abruptly diverted the topic to the rebuilding of the Hagia Sophia.[1]



The Porta Nomentana, mislabeled the Porta Pinciana in the game

  • In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, all the gates of Rome are misidentified, though Shaun Hastings's database entries remain factually correct. In this case, the gate marked as the Porta Pinciana is in fact the Porta Nomentana while the proper Porta Pinciana is mistakenly given the name Porta Settimiana instead. For the sake of convenience, this article assumes that, canonically, Shaun Hastings's research is correct while the Animus 2.01 is in error for mislabeling the gates.