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Porta Asinaria

The Porta Ostiense next to the Pyramid of Cestius

The Porta Ostiense is a southern gate of the Aurelian Walls in Rome. It is iconic for the Pyramid of Cestius, which lay to its immediate west.


The Porta Ostiense has a similar history to the Porta Asinaria, given that in 549, during the Siege of Rome, the betrayal of the Isaurian garrison allowed King Totila of the Ostrogoths to enter and sack the city.[1]


Porta Ostiense

The Porta Settimiana, mislabeled as the Porta Ostiense in game

  • In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, all the gates of Rome are misidentified, though Shaun Hastings's database entries remain factually correct. In this case, the Porta Ostiense, with the Pyramid of Cestius, is mistakenly marked as the Porta Asinaria whereas the gate marked as the Porta Ostiense is in fact the Porta Settimiana. This is in spite of the fact that the database entry on the Porta Ostiense expressly describes it as the gate adjacent to the Pyramid of Cestius. For the sake of convenience, this article assumes that, canonically, Shaun Hastings's research is correct whereas the Animus 2.01 erroneously labeled the gates.