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Porta aurelia

The Porta Flaminia, later the Porta del Popolo

The Porta Flaminia is a gate in the Aurelian Walls of Rome that opens directly into the Piazza del Popolo and therefore once served as the northern entrance of the city.[1]

For its association with the Piazza del Popolo, it became known as the Porta del Popolo in modern times. Historically, it was the starting point of the Via Flaminia, one of Rome's most vital roads as it was the road north leading all the way to Ariminum.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Porta Flaminia

The Porta Salaria, mislabeled as the Porta Flaminia in the game

In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, all the gates of Rome are misidentified, but Shaun Hastings's database entries remain factually correct. The name "Porta Flaminia" is misapplied to the gate in the northeast corner of the Campagna District, in reality the Porta Salaria. In spite of this, the Porta Flaminia's database entry correctly describes it as the gate granting immediate access to the Piazza del Popolo, even noting that it would later be renamed the Porta del Popolo. This gate before the Piazza del Popolo still features in the game, but it is incorrectly labeled the Porta Aurelia. For convenience, this article assumes that, canonically, Shaun Hastings's research is correct while the Animus 2.01 labeled the gates erroneously.