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AC4 Port Royal

Port Royal

Port Royal is a small town located on the far side of Kingston's harbor, opposite to the city itself. Prior to the earthquake of 1692, the town was host to a number of British forts, including Fort Charles, which was as the only one to survive the earthquake.

The town proved to be a particular refuge for privateers and pirates during the early 18th century, before the founding of the Pirate Republic in Nassau, where they acted as a welcome deterrent against Spanish attacks.

Following this, the town became well known for its anti-piratical views, and stood out as the location for many a pirate's ultimate demise, either in the fort or on the gallows behind the church.


In 1720, the pirate Jack Rackham was tried and imprisoned in the fort. The following year he was joined by Edward Kenway, Mary Read, Anne Bonny, and Charles Vane. Rackham was placed in a gibbet and subsequently died, while Vane, having lost his mind, was eventually executed some years later. 

With the help of the Assassin Mentor Ah Tabai, Edward managed to escape his imprisonment and infiltrate the fort, freeing Anne and Mary. Unfortunately, the latter died during the attempt from illness following childbirth, although Edward was able to carry her body out of the prison and to Ah Tabai's boat, to be transported to Tulum for a burial.



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