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This article is about the manga chapter. You may be looking for the memory of Shao Jun.

"Port" is the third chapter of the manga Assassin's Creed: Blade of Shao Jun written by Minoji Kurata.


Yokohama, Japan, 2019
Mari, a cousin to Lisa Huang, enters a restaurant. She queries Lisa's mother, her aunt, if Lisa is around. Her aunt is surprised to see her, and learns that she is back in school. She is told though that Lisa is running late and is not there, to which Mari says to tell her she dropped by to say hello.

Macau, China, 1526
Arriving by boat, Wang Yangming explains the history of Macau to Shao Jun – that it was colonised by Portugese traders, and is now one of the biggest trading ports in the country. Yangming suspects that the Precursor box remains in Macau, under the control of Yu Dayong, the resident Templar leader known as "The Slaver". It is also believed that he has recently captured an Assassin informant, whom he has put up for sale. The Mentor instructs Shao Jun to assassinate Dayong, and to free any slaves she comes across, as several could be members of the Brotherhood.

Shao Jun leaps from ship to ship, across the harbour of Macau. Eventually landing on one in particular, she stealthily takes down several of the guards and tries to remain undetected. Below decks, two guards discuss their concerns about Dayong's safety, as two of the Eight Tigers have been killed recently. A guard suddenly shouts out and pulls a young boy from out of hiding, who is clearly a slave who had escaped a nearby Fort.

As the boy is intimidated, Jun sneaks up from behind, stabbing the guard cleanly through the throat. Comforting the shocked boy, Jun learns that he is the son of an Assassin, since he recognises the symbol of the Brotherhood upon her necklace.

The boy runs to the top of the ship, climbing high into the sails with Jun chasing behind. Whilst standing atop a mast, he reveals that he is called Xiao Hu and that he and his Assassin father had been captured at the nearby fort. He pleads with Jun to rescue his father, a task that she gladly agrees to. Jun tells him to hide, and then swings on a rope away from the ship.

Infiltrating the Fort, Jun comes across a prison cell with a man being tortured by two guards, whom are demanding to know the whereabouts of other Assassins. Jun quickly despatches the guards, and tries to rouse the heavily injured man. She realises that this is Xiao Hu's father, and as she tries to help him escape he protests that his legs are broken, and that it is too late. He lies down again, and passes away shortly after. Filled with anger, Jun vows vengeance upon Yu Dayong.

Characters in order of appearance

  • Mari
  • Lisa Huang
  • Lisa Huang's mother
  • Wang Yangming
  • Shao Jun
  • Yu Dayong
  • Xiao Hu
  • Xiao Hu's father


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