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Ponte Sant'Angelo, or Bridge of the Holy Angel, is a landmark that connects the Vaticano district to the Centro district, and extends over the Tiber river in Rome.


The bridge was built to cross the river from the city center to Emperor Hadrian's mausoleum, which later became the Castel Sant'Angelo.[1]

In 1450, its balustrades buckled due a surging mob of pilgrims making their way to the St. Peter's Basilica, leading to a mass drowning. Later, in the 16th century, the structure was used to display the bodies of executed men to the public.[1]

Around 1506, in order to find out the next operation of Crows. Sirus Favero tasked Italian Assassins Lo Sparviero, to intercept a Borgia messenger on the bridge.[2]


  • The bridge was a restricted area in Brotherhood, except in certain memories, such as "The Ezio Auditore Affair".
  • The bridge was formerly known as Pons Aelius or Ponte Aelius.
  • Historically, the statues on the bridge were not placed until 1527 by order of Pope Clement VII.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Identity, due to the different game engine, the arrange of scaffolds under the bridge are different from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
  • In the memory "Saviors of Roma" of Assassin's Creed: Identity, the full synchronization condition is cross the scaffolds under the bridge to avoid the guards on the bridge.




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