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This article is about the man of the 5th century BCE. You may be looking for Polyphemos the Cyclops.

Polyphemos was a Greek man living during the 5th century BCE.


When he was but a child, Polyphemos was tended to by a green-eyed woman on the shores and the caves of Anaphi. Before she left Polyphemos, she gave him 'spices'; the man tended to the herb as they were the only gift anyone had ever given him. At some point of his life, Polyphemos lost his left eye.[1]

Left alone save by the wild animals and the bandits on the island, Polyphemos lived alone until the Spartan misthios Kassandra came looking for him and Leda at the request of Barnabas, who had had a vision of his wife caring for a Cyclops on the island. Spending a while with the man, Kassandra learned of his love of poetry, and about Leda. She also brought Eurylochos to the island, and he and Polyphemos became friends.[1]


A lover of poetry at heart, Polyphemos was also a pacifist, at least by the time he met Kassandra. He refused to fight or hit anything or anyone if he could help it, preferring hiding away instead. But he was lonely, and longed for a friend.[1]

Behind the scenes

Polyphemos, a character in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, is shown wearing a shoulder pad emblazoned with the Greek letter lambda, the symbol of Lakonia and Sparta. Whether this was just something he found and decided to wear, or whether it hints at his origins is unknown. He also carries a Bludgeon Mace.

Polyphemos shares his name with the Cyclops Polyphemos best known from Homer's Odyssey.




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