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Political Persecution was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


The Assassins were tasked with warning and smuggling several Girondists out of Paris before they could be arrested by François Hanriot.


A man and woman were shown rapidly descending down the stairs.

  • Girondist 1: Danton was right. Leave everything!

The pair made for the door, which was forced open by Hanriot, preventing their escape.

  • Hanriot: Going on holiday?
  • Bishop: François Hanriot. Jacobin goon. Cleaning political house. The Girondists opposed the bloodbath Robespierre unleashed on Paris.

The scene shifted to a Girondist giving a speech.

  • Girondist 2: We Girondists believe it is not the role of this body to condemn men to death!
  • Bishop: Robespierre wasn't into diverse viewpoints. He put out a warrant for the arrest of every Girondist.

Georges Danton was shown entering Robespierre's office.

  • Danton: My old friend, you must be mad! You can't sic this butcher on deputies of the Convention!

Danton was restrained by guards and taken away.

  • Bishop: Georges Danton took a huge risk opposing Robespierre.

The scene shifted back to the captured Girondist.

  • Girondist 1: My brothers in the convention will speak out against you!
  • Hanriot: They'll find that difficult without their heads. Go! Get the rest of these traitors!
  • Bishop: Help the Girondists escape.
    The Girondists need to be ready to escape. Warn as many as you can that Hanriot's on his way.

Arno reached one of the Girondists that was under house arrest.

  • Girondist 3: You must be the strangest courier I've ever seen.
    What do you want?

Arno warned the Girondist.

  • Girondist 3: Robespierre's gone too far. I'll wait for the chance to leave.
    You're right. Best to leave the city.

Arno reached another Girondist that was under house arrest.

  • Girondist 4: Who sent you? What do you want?
    And who might you be?

Arno warned the Girondist.

  • Girondist 4: I'd hoped it wouldn't come to this. Thank you.
    I'll meet you there. Thank you.

Arno reached another Girondist that was under house arrest.

  • Girondist 5: You're not one of the guards. Who are you?
    Who - Who are you?

Arno warned the Girondist.

  • Girondist 5: So soon? I'll await your signal.
    We need to move quickly, then. Thank you.

Arno reached another Girondist that was under house arrest.

  • Girondist 6: What - what's this about?
    Who are you? How did you get in here?

Arno warned the Girondist.

  • Girondist 6: I can hardly believe it. Go. I'll wait for your signal.
    Thank you. I'll leave as soon as possible.

Arno reached another Girondist that was under house arrest.

  • Girondist 7: What's this then?

Arno warned the Girondist.

  • Girondist 7: Thank you. I'll be ready.
  • Bishop: That was quick work. You've warned all of them.
    Now you need to distract the guards to help the Girondists get away. Head to the Bastille.

Arno arrived at the Bastille and climbed his way to the ramparts, where he spotted several piles of wood.

  • Bishop: Those woodpiles would make a perfect fire - and in my experience, nothing draws attention like fire.

Arno lit the two pyres.

  • Bishop: Nice work. The Girondists will be waiting at the Arsenal. Meet them there and smuggle them out of Paris.

Arno made his way to the Arsenal.

  • Bishop: The Girondists are hiding in the sewers under the building. They'll probably need some help getting out.

Arno opened several underground gates, allowing the Girondists to pass through the sewers unhindered. He then escorted them to the river bank, where several rowboats lay.

  • Girondists: Thank you for your kindness.
    I never thought we'd get away.
    Please, thank Danton for his help.
    You have our thanks.
    Thank you. You haven't heard the last of us.
    You've saved us! Thank you!
    You'll be repaid for this. Thank you.
  • Bishop: Looks like the coast is clear, so they should be safe now. Nice work.


The Assassins smuggled the Girondists out of Paris, saving their lives.


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