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A 16th century pocket watch found by Alonzo Batilla

A pocket watch is is a watch made to be carried in a pocket, generally with an attached chain to allow them to be secured to clothing, preventing them from being dropped. Though quite popular after their creation, they were eventually overshadowed by the wristwatch.


Arno Dorian's pocket watch

Among the many treasures collected by pirate Alonzo Batilla figured a pocket watch originally belonging to François l'Olonnais.[1]

During her career as an Assassin, Aveline de Grandpré purchased a number of these watches from smugglers and amassed a vast collection. For this, she was gifted the Dueling Pistol.[2]

On December 1776, French Assassin Charles Dorian gave his pocket watch to his son, Arno, to calm him down.[3] Arno would keep this pocket watch throughout his life.[4]


Behind the scenes

In Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD, the "One Watch is not Enough" achievement could be earned by purchasing all the pocket watches.