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The plot of the rue Saint-Nicaise was an attempt on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte on 24 December 1800, by the surviving royalists of the 13 Vendémiaire rebellion of 1795.


Napoleon Bonaparte declared himself First Consul of France in 1799, having been made famous for defeating a royalist army in the 1795 13 Vendémiaire rebellion. The leader was François-Joseph Carbon, a soldier who had lost his eye to cannon fire in the rebellion back in 1795, and plotted to assassinate Napoleon as he headed to an opera.

Snipers lined the rue Saint-Nicaise, their goal being to either shoot Napoleon and kill him, or shoot at an improvised explosive device known as the "Infernal Machine". However, the Assassins intercepted and killed the assailants. The machine was blown up too early, far away from Napoleon's carriage. Napoleon was then escorted to safety while the Assassins tracked down Carbon. There, they killed him and his fellow conspirators.


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