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Plight of the Rebels was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek is asked to find two lost children after discovering a rebel hideout deep within the Isolated Desert.


Passing through Remetch Ra, Bayek heard a man mention missing children.

  • Man 1: I'm worried about the children. Istellah doesn't usually go adventuring for so long.

Bayek approached the woman teaching children.

  • Nawa: And so it was proven that Ptolemy was a false pharaoh. Not a god, not an Egyptian even. Nothing but a puppet.
    They called us heretics. Stole the Pissa Oros Citadel from us, and hunted us down.

The woman rose to meet him.

  • Nawa: So, the scouts were right. You're Bayek. The Medjay from Siwa. Son of the Nile and defender of the people.
    I am Nawa, and the rebel cause needs your strength.
  • Bayek: My oath is to protect. Tell me more.
  • Nawa: Sebni, my cousin, told the children stories of Alexander the Great. Of course, two of the children decided that meant there was treasure of his to discover nearby.
  • Bayek: As children will do.
  • Nawa: Indeed. Sebni and one of our warriors went to search for the children, but the pharaoh's soldiers captured them.
  • Bayek: Do you know where they are?
  • Nawa: Yes. One of our scouts saw them. They're being held prisoner in camp Hetoimazo, north of here.
    Please find them. Sebni is the only one who knows where those children have run off to.
  • Bayek: I will find him, and then the children.

Bayek located the military camp, and infiltrated it, while rebel forces fought the soldiers. Bayek found the two rebels locked up in cages.

  • Sebni: Get us out of here.

After he freed them, they left the camp.

  • Sebni: Thank you for rescuing us. [sigh] This is my fault. By Anubis I swear, I just wanted them to dream a little! If only I had not told them those stories.
  • Khamet: Enough, Sebni. Children will be children. Let's just find them.
  • Bayek: That is why I'm here. Any idea where they went?
  • Sebni: The ancient temple of Alexander the Great, maybe? That is the one I was telling them about. It is northwest of here.
  • Khamet: It's been a while. They might have gone west, to Theos Elpis Rift. We have a camp there.
  • Bayek: Very well. I will scour the temple area, you head for the camp.
  • Khamet: I'll go with you. Sebni will go back to the chasm campo. Where it is safer for dreamers to be.

Bayek and Khamet mounted up, and headed for Alexander's Temple, while Sebni headed towards Theos Elpis Rift.

  • Khamet: The children used to run free, here. But ever since the Pharaoh's guards arrived...
  • Bayek: What was once a playground is now a death ground.
  • Khamet: Yes. The Pharaoh's men are snakes, coiled in the sand beneath our feet. They kill adults and children alike.
    The desert is meant for old souls. Hunters, and poets. Not the slaughter of innocents.
  • Bayek: You know this place well?
  • Khamet: I grew up here. I love it. But the Pharaoh's men spoil everything they touch.
  • Bayek: Tell me about the children.
  • Khamet: Hetanu is a good student. He'll be a scholar one day. Istellah... I am training her. She is always protecting her friend.
    Strong. A good little warrior.
  • Bayek: Do you train all the children to become rebels?
  • Khamet: They are free to choose as they please. But they all hate the Pharaoh's men. [laughs]
    People will blame Istellah for this.
  • Bayek: What do you mean?
  • Khamet: She is loud, and outspoken. He has the adventurer's heart. Istellah protects. People just don't listen.
  • Bayek: They are loyal to each other.
  • Khamet: They are good children.

They reached the temple's ruins, and found soldiers there. They dealt with the soldiers and then begun to look for the children.

  • Khamet: This is it.
  • Bayek: Let's split up. We should be able to find traces of their presence faster that way.

They investigated the area. Bayek found pair of sandals on the ground.

  • Bayek: Children's sandals. Removed to climb this wall?

Bayek found footprints.

  • Bayek: Fresh footprints. Child-sized. They were here.

Bayek found ostraca.

  • Bayek: These ostraca are similar to those used by the children Nawa was teaching. They must have dropped it here.
    Notes on Alexander the Great, and the temple. And many wild theories as to what treasures might be here.

Bayek walked down the stairs and found a doorway, blocked. He tried to clear the way, but failed. But beyond the blockade, he heard Tehanu.

  • Tehanu: Is someone out there? Help! Please hurry! There are snakes!
  • Bayek: Keep still and try to stay quiet. I will be right there.
    The entrance is barred.
    I'll have to find another way inside.

He sent Senu to scout the area, and she did find another entrance within the little lake nearby.

  • Bayek: A hidden entrance. It must lead inside the temple.

Bayek dove into the pool, and found a tunnel entrance underwater. After a short swim, he resurfaced, and found himself in a small tunnel. Through a crack, he saw a chamber of a temple.

  • Bayek: Child!

Bayek entered the chamber, finding it to be a nest of cobras.

  • Tehanu: Watch out! Do not let the snakes get you! And -- please do not let the snakes get me!

Bayek slew the snakes.

  • Tehanu: You got them all!

Bayek approached the child.

  • Tehanu: I am Hetanu. Thank you, wer neb, for rescuing me.
  • Bayek: I am no lord. You may call me Bayek. Now. Tell me what happened here, child.
  • Tehanu: We came looking for the legendary treasure of Alexander the Great. Our teacher told us all about him, and we knew there had to be more!
    We managed to get into the temple, but then the snakes came out of the water, and surrounded us.
  • Bayek: What about Istellah?
  • Tehanu: She did not want to leave me, but I told her to go and get help.
    She used the shield for protection. Not a single snake touched her!
    But that was hours ago and I am worried. She should have been back with help by now. If she is not with you... something must have happened to her.
  • Bayek: Let's get you out of here first. Follow me.

Bayek cleared the way to the stairs, and they left the chamber. Khamet was waiting for them in the yard.

  • Tehanu: Khamet!
    I am so happy to see you, Khamet!
  • Khamet: I trust you have learned your lesson.
  • Tehanu: I know. If not for Bayek, those snakes would have eaten me whole.
  • Bayek: Well. Perhaps not whole. But it would have been a dire fate nonetheless.
    Now. Did Istellah say where she was going?
  • Tehanu: She went to the chasm camp to find help.
  • Bayek: I will go look for the little warrior.

They all left the temple; Bayek headed for the chasm camp, while Tehanu and Khamet headed back to Remetch Ra. While on his way, Bayek noticed smoke.

  • Bayek: Smoke. It is coming from the camp.

Getting closer, he saw Ptolemy forces engaged with the rebels. Bayek joined the fight.

  • Sebni: Curse you, fiends!
    Over here, Medjay!
    The gods will not forgive you this evil!
    The Medjay is here! Fight! We can defeat them!

After the last of the soldiers was slain, Bayek approached Sebni.

  • Sebni: Once again, you have come to our rescue. We will forever be in your debt, at this rate.
  • Bayek: Hetanu is safe. Khamet is with him.
  • Sebni: Oh, thank the gods. I wish I could say the same for Istellah. Their leader, Medon, took her as she arrived.
    He wanted the great shield she was carrying, and when she refused to give it to him, he snatched her up. He kept asking her if there was more treasure.
    Pissa Oros. That is where he probably took her. No one ever comes back from there.
    Please, you must go find her. Medon will torture her to get what he wants.
  • Bayek: I will find her. And I will take care of Medon.
  • Sebni: The citadel is in the southwest mountains. Medon patrols between here and the citadel. Just look for an angry bald man, surrounded by bodyguards.

Bayek left the rebel camp and headed to Pissa Oros Citadel. He spied Medon from afar.

  • Bayek: Bald, angry-looking, and with bodyguards... No doubt. Medon.

He hunted down Medon and attacked him.

  • Bayek: I am your first judgment, Medon. Prepare to die.
  • Medon: Did those rebels send you? How pathetic!
    After I'm done with you, I will wipe out every last one of those rats.

Bayek killed Medon.

  • Bayek: Good riddance.
    This should offer some measure of respite to the rebels.
    Now to find the Citadel, and save the child.

Bayek headed for Pissa Oros, and infiltrated it. Approaching the cages holding rebels, Bayek heard a child's voice coming from a cart full of hay.

  • Istellah: Pssst! You! The tall one! Over here.
    Hey. Over here!
  • Bayek: Istellah? I see you have an escape route planned out.
  • Istellah: You understand. Now climb on the cart, and drive us out of here.

If Bayek freed the rebels from the cages, they'd make a comment about Istellah.

  • Rebel: They brought a child earlier, but she escaped. She must be hiding nearby. Find her and get her out of here while I distract the guards!
    The child in the cell escaped, and is hiding in the hay cart. Help her back to one of our camps! I will buy you both time!

Bayek found a slain guard.

  • Bayek: This must have been the cell they held Istellah in. She killed the guard. Such a strong child.

Bayek took the reins of the cart and drove it out of the citadel.

  • Istellah: Yes! Well done! Now go to our camp nearby! We'll be safe there!
    That's right! Head for the big pile of rocks with trees! We have a camp there!
    We're (t)here!

Reaching the campsite, Bayek got off the cart, and Istellah climbed out of the hay.

  • Istellah: Thank you, brave warrior. That was a chariot ride worthy of Set himself. Did the rebels send you? Those men were going to kill me.
  • Bayek: You show much fire, for one your age.
  • Istellah: You would too, in my place. The Pharaoh's dogs seek to wipe us out and control everything. They do not understand. Life must flow freely, or else everything rots.
    They wanted my treasure, so I fought back. Besides, I had to protect Hetanu. If they had found him, they would have killed him. I have been so worried...
  • Bayek: Your friend is safe. He is back at the camp with the others. Where you should be, as well.
  • Istellah: I know, I know. Be more careful, Istellah. Stay out of trouble, Istellah.
    One day, though... One day, I'll be just like you. I will liberate the desert so we can all be free.
  • Bayek: On that day, come find me, young warrior. It will be an honor to fight by your side.


Bayek rescued Sebni and Khamet; while Sebni headed to Theos Elpis Rift, Khamet and Bayek sought out Alexander's Temple. There they found Hetanu, one of the children, surrounded by snakes. After rescuing the boy, Bayek headed to Theos Elpis Rift; Ptolemic forces had attacked it and their leader, Medon, had claimed Istellah and the shield she had taken from the temple. Bayek hunted down and killed Medon, then rescued Istellah.


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