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Playing with Fire was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


General Agrippa is forcing Egyptians to work on a weapon of fiery destruction at the Citadel. And somehow the Roman engineer Vitruvius is involved.


Bayek infiltrated the camp situated outside the citadel, where he found a group of rebels held captive in cages. He approached one of them.

  • Bayek: Are you Kade? Your mother sent me to find you.
  • Kade: By Iset, is that you Bayek of Siwa? Let me out and I'll help you kill those Roman vultures.

Bayek unlocked the cage and freed Kade. He helped him free the other rebels, and Bayek helped them escape.

  • Kade: Egypt will not be your lapdog! Help me, Bayek!

They defeated the soldiers and left the camp.

  • Kade: We are free of those Roman tyrants.

Bayek spoke to Kade.

  • Bayek: The farm you came from, I saw what Flavius did. How he sucked the life from our people.
  • Kade: My mother Nenet? Is she alright?
  • Bayek: Yes. Praxilla took her to Balagrae.
  • Kade: Thank you, Bayek. You protect us even this far from the land of our ancestors.
  • Bayek: Why did the Romans bring you here?
  • Kade: To feed their hunger for war and conquest. They have ballista. We load it with a substance of hideous, burning devastation.
    Vitruvius, a Roman engineer up at the aqueduct invented it.
  • Bayek: Vitruvius? I know this man, I cannot believe he would make something like this.

They parted ways, with Kade heading off to Balagrae.

  • Kade: We are free of those Roman tyrants.

Bayek ventured north, and found Vitruvius in his camp.

  • Bayek: Vitruvius! We need to speak.
  • Vitruvius: What's the fuss, my friend?
  • Bayek: I believed you when you said you cared for the Siwans here. And all the while there are more at the citadel, forced to work on a weapon you created!
  • Vitruvius: It is not what you think. Walk with me and we'll get to the bottom of this.

Bayek walked with Vitruvius.

  • Vitruvius: Please understand Bayek, I was not always so focused on architectural wonders such as this aqueduct.
    As a hotheaded youth I came up with many means of death and destruction. One of those was a Greek Fire of sorts.

They mounted up.

  • Bayek: Greek fire?
  • Vitruvius: A substance with such potential for unspeakable suffering, I vowed never to produce it.
  • Bayek: Well the general is producing it, and forcing Siwans to arm his ballista for a war against their own country.

The reached the cliff overlooking the citadel.

  • Vitruvius: Curse my pride, I should have burned my notes. General Agrippa must have found them.
  • Bayek: Then Agrippa must be stopped.
  • Vitruvius: Do what your conscience dictates, Bayek. But understand I cannot be part of a plot against a Roman General. No matter how I may feel personally.
    Recover the formula and I will destroy it. I will not have the immolation of Egypt on my conscience. Jove protect you. Bayek.

Bayek infiltrated the citadel anew, finding General Agrippa. He assassinated the general and recovered a note from his body.

  • Vitruvius' Formula:
    Note from General Agrippa.
    My men believe they finally have a stable concoction based on Vitruvius' forumla above. We plan to use test a batch on the fields near the Citadel. We have more than enough with the three stockpiles.
    NOTE DO NOT TOUCH the white powder. It is HIGHLY caustic.
  • Bayek: They used the formula. I should destroy the Greek fire stockpiles!
    All who ally with monsters and demons will die, General.

Bayek found the rooms containing the stockpiles and destroyed them.

  • Bayek: Vitruvius will want to know his formula is in safer hands.

Bayek left the citadel and returned to Vitruvius.

  • Vitruvius: Bayek, did you find it, did you find my formula?
  • Bayek: Egypt will not burn today.
  • Vitruvius: Or any day I hope. And General Agrippa?
  • Bayek: He did not give it up willingly.
  • Vitruvius: (Sigh) He was a good Roman. But he never understood that doesn't mean you cannot be a good man.
    Flavius fed Agrippa's pride and ambition with talk of empires. I fear the path his supporters have taken will end in many deaths.
  • Bayek: It will end with their own. But you are a good man Vitruvius. I have seen that in your words and deeds.
  • Vitruvius: I am trying to be. Thank you again, Bayek of Siwa, you are a true protector of your people.


Bayek saved Nenet's son Kade, escorting him out of the citadel. He later helped Vitruvius to destroy the stockpile of weapons made using his formula and retrieved it for him.


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