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Playing Politics was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


While Evie continued her search for the Shroud, Jacob had discovered a Templar plot to assassinate Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, and set out to discover the identity of the man behind it, who was only known as "B".


Jacob and Evie discussed their plans.

  • Jacob: "Dear Mr. Starrick, Men hired. Strike tomorrow. Disraeli's death will stall Corrupt Practices Act indefinitely. Gladstone will be far more appliable. May the Father, etc., etc. - B" So Starrick's got his finger in politics, has he? I need to enter this Sinopean Club and find out who "B" is.
  • Evie: Tread delicately around Parliament.
  • Jacob: As if I don't usually.
  • Evie: Your indiscretion at the Bank of England caused British currency to nearly collapse.
  • Jacob: "Nearly" is the operative word. Speaking of collapses, what of the key you found that unlocks very little?
  • Evie: Henry took it for research. I am confident that the vault is ours.
  • Jacob: "Nearly" ours, Evie. Nearly.

Jacob infiltrated the Sinopean Club.

  • Jacob: All right, "B", who are you and what's your game?

Jacob spied on Disraeli at the club.

  • Jacob: Well, if it isn't my dear old chum, Mr. Disraeli. Now, Prime Minister, which of your friends is about to stab you in the back?
  • Disraeli: The Corrupt Practices Bill is a vital step in reforming our government. If the majority party is allowed to dictate the results of contested elections, we can scarcely call ourselves free.
  • Gladstone: If we yield up our rights bit by bit to the courts, we can scarcely call ourselves free, sir.
  • Disraeli: This is so like you, Gladstone! You would rather throw your body upon the gears of progress than surrender one iota of power!
  • Gladstone: By God, Disraeli, you are a fool! I'll not stand idly by and watch you drag Parliamentary privilege through the muck!
  • Disraeli: No, certainly not! You'd rather return us to the yoke of tyranny? Perhaps while we're at it, Mr. Gladstone, we could repeal Magna Carta and return the crown to the bloody Stuarts!
  • Gladstone: How dare you, sir! Merely because I do not wish to see government placed in the hands of judges, you would make these slanderous accusations? I'll not stand for it!
  • Disraeli: Then I shall obviate the requirement. Good evening, sir.

A spy tailed Disraeli as the latter left the club.

  • Jacob: "B", I presume?

Jacob chased after the spy and tackled him.

  • Jacob: Pleasure to meet you, "B".
  • Herbert: "B"? My name's Herbert!
  • Jacob: Then why are you following the Prime Minister?
  • Herbert: It's just a job, sir. Some old bloke paid me to-

The spy was shot through the head, and Jacob saw a sniper atop a church.

  • Jacob: Smug bastard.

Jacob chased after the sniper, dodging her shots along the way.

  • Sniper: Yappy bastard!
    Mopsy bugger!

Jacob caught up with the sniper at the edge of a rooftop.

  • Sniper: Shite!

Knocking her unconscious after a fight, Jacob held the sniper over the edge of the rooftop and woke her up.

  • Sniper: Bloody hell! Where'd you come from?
  • Jacob: Well, I was born in Crawley, but that's by the by. Who are you working for?
  • Sniper: I-I never got his name. Old chap. Big moustache. Wore some kind of uniform. Hussars, maybe.
  • Jacob: What's his game?
  • Sniper: Please, he'll kill me.
  • Jacob: And a three-storey drop will shatter your legs and send you to the workhouse, difference is, you can run from him.
  • Sniper: Tomorrow! My lads are going to attack the Prime Minister's carriage on the way to Parliament.

Jacob unhanded the sniper, who ran off.

  • Jacob: Perfect.


Jacob learned that a group of hired thugs would attack Disraeli as he prepared to leave for Parliament the following morning.


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