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Plant the Seeds was a virtual representation of one of Adéwalé's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Adéwalé set out to swap a manifest for a forged one, allowing three slaves sympathetic to his cause to join the expedition.


  • Bastienne: Adéwalé, your ambition still gives me pause, but I have promised Augustin my help.
  • Adéwalé: What's this?
  • Bastienne: A forged manifest, or so I am told. One of your famous recruits wrote it.
  • Adéwalé: Joachim François. Henri Marchand. Fortunée Jean. Good. I'm sure you will serve the expedition well.
  • Bastienne: Louis Godin will meet with the Harbormaster to arrange the remaining affairs of your expeditionary voyage. You may take the opportunity to switch the manifests.
  • Fortunée: At your signal, we will be ready to board.
  • Adéwalé: Thank you. And thank you, Bastienne.
  • Bastienne: Anything for the ("Maroons") of Saint-Domingue.

Adéwalé located Louis Godin and tailed him.

  • Scientist: Thank you so much for sharing your fascinating research.
  • Godin: The thanks is all mine. And now, I must away, for a meeting with the harbormaster. All in the name of science, of course.
  • Scientist: Of course.

Godin met with the harbormaster.

Plant the Seeds 4

Adéwalé tailing Godin and the harbormaster

  • Godin: Good day.
  • Harbormaster: And to you as well.
  • Godin: I trust the preparations are coming along well. Things certainly do seem to be busy!
  • Harbormaster: Indeed, sir. As you can see, my men are working around the clock to prepare everything. You may expect a fine vessel, fitted to precisely the demands of science, and your eh... other activities.
  • Godin: What other activities?
  • Harbormaster: Do not worry about a thing, good man. All will be attended to. There is only the outstanding matter of your slaves. Do you have the names for the manifest?
  • Godin: Yes, right here.
  • Harbormaster: Come then. You must be itching to inspect everything.
  • Godin: Indeed, I am!

Adéwalé followed the men and switched the original manifest with the fake one.

  • Godin: What's all this?
  • Harbormaster: Oh this? This is... er. You will not be interested. Dull, sailing things. It does not concern you.
  • Godin: But won't it add weight that could be used for more equipment?
  • Harbormaster: No. Nothing like that. Please (Mister) Godin, I do not wish to bore you with the details. I think you will find you will be very comfortable.
  • Godin: Well, as comfortable as one can be at sea, anyway!
  • Harbormaster: How true! How very true.
Plant the Seeds 5

Slaves boarding the Vautour

Adéwalé reached higher ground and watched the Vautour leave Port-au-Prince, while noticing several pirate ships.

  • Adéwalé: The black flag. They'll be picked to the bone.

Adéwalé took the Experto Crede out to sea to protect the expedition.

  • Adéwalé: We must defend that ship. French or not, these scientists must reach their destination. Our people must capture their secrets. The knowledge is more important than any cargo.
  • Augustin: Aye Captain. It is worth the fight.
  • Adéwalé: With a little skill and the right wind, it won't last long.

Adéwalé destroyed the pirate fleet, and set course for Port-au-Prince.

  • Adéwalé: Can you picture it, Augustin? Once you are trained, and our recruits return with these navigational secrets, you will be able to go explore and recruit from any land.
  • Augustin: It will be a great temptation, but my fight is in Port-au-Prince, Adéwalé. I must stay focused.
  • Adéwalé: Build a Maroon navy then!
  • Augustin: Do not mistake my gratitude, Adéwalé. This ship is a grand blessing, and advanced knowledge of the seas, a boon to our cause. But the Maroon do not crave an empire. Only independence over our own territory.
  • Adéwalé: Very well Augustin. But mark my words, you will be fit to command a navy – of one ship or many – when our work here is done.


Adéwalé ensured the right people joined the expedition and protected it from being boarded by a pirate fleet.