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Plagues, Sharks, and Other Good Times was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Athenians said that after the plague, food was short due to an increase in desperate hunters and a lack of farmers. One hunter wanted to fish but feared sharks.


Kassandra approached the hunter.

ACOD - Plagues, Sharks, and Other Good Times 2

Kassandra offering to kill the sharks

  • Kassandra: I picked up your message on the board. What's happening?
  • Man: Not much food around lately. Since the plague, there not enough farmers, and too many desperate hunters. I'm going to try for fish.
  • Kassandra: Sounds sensible.
  • Man: There's sharks in these waters, though. I'm not equipped for those. But you seem well-armed.
  • Kassandra: So I should kill all the sharks.
  • Man: Yes, all of them must die.

(Accept – "I'll handle it.")

  • Kassandra: I'll handle this.


  • Kassandra: I'll help you. You have my word.
  • Man: Thank you, misthios. I couldn't do this without you.
  • Kassandra: Leave it to me.

(Leave – "I'm not interested.")

  • TBA
ACOD - Plagues, Sharks, and Other Good Times 3

The man rewarded Kassandra upon her return

Kassandra killed the sharks and returned to the hunter.

  • Man: You're back. Have you killed them?
  • Kassandra: I took care of them. Every last one.
  • Man: Great work. Take this as thanks, misthios.

(Join Crew – "You should join my crew.")

  • Kassandra: I have a good crew, but we're missing someone with your talents. I want you on board with us. What do you say?
  • Man: Never considered myself a seaman... But an adventurer? I'll join you.

(Leave – "Thank you.")

  • Kassandra: I always finish what I start.


Kassandra killed sharks throughout Greece and returned to the hunter to collect her reward.


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