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"Everything has a place and a proper order. It is a universal principal none can violate."
―Pithias, c. 422 BCE[src]-[m]

Pithias (died c. 422 BCE), also known as the Architect was a member of the Order of the Ancients, serving as Amorges' planner in the Order of Dominion branch in Messenia, Greece during the Peloponnesian War.


Within the order, Pithias served as Amorges' planner, operating in the seaport town of Aipeia. He was also acquainted with Artazostre, a fellow member of the Order and a member of the Daughters of Artemis. Prior to 422 BCE, he wrote a letter to Artazostre, but was unable to locate her whereabouts. As such, he visited Artazostre' fellow Sisters of Artemis to leave a message for her, though this trip left a bad impression of him from them.[1]

Later that year, he was assassinated by the misthios Kassandra in Aipeia along with his personal guards.[2]



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