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AC3 Pitcairn-Putnam Pistol

A Pitcairn-Putnam pistol

The Pitcairn-Putnam Pistols were a pair of 18th century firearms previously owned by John Pitcairn, until his horse was shot from under him after the Battles of Lexington and Concord. The pistols then came to be owned by Israel Putnam, who subsequently passed them on to Ratonhnhaké:ton following the Battle of Bunker Hill.[1]

A replica of the pistol was also obtainable by Arno Dorian during the French Revolution.[2]

Weapon statistics

18th century Revolutionary America
Rate of fire Short range Long range Cost Availability
2 3 3 N/A Sequence 8
18th century Revolutionary France
Damage Capacity Reload time Cost Upgrade cost Availability
30 1 2 N/A 500 Purchase the Revolutionary Armaments Pack