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ACU Pike Hammer

The Pike Hammer was a polearm that combined a warhammer, a pike, and battle-axe in one. One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of the Parisian Brotherhood of Assassins during the French Revolution, it was acquired one of their agents, the Assassin Arno Dorian.


As it name implies, the Pike Hammer was designed as a hybrid of a pike and a warhammer, with the additional inclusion of an axe blade on the opposite side of the hammer. As a result, it heavily resembled that of a typical halberd, with a major distinction being that the axe blade of a halberd is replaced with that of a hammer and the rear hook with an axe blade of similar proportion. Moreover, the spearpoint is broader and heavier, more analogous to that of a pike than a spear. Rather than being overloaded, the Pike Hammer ranked as one of the most devastating polearms of the Parisian Brotherhood of Assassins at the end of the 18th century, matched only by their ceremonial partisan.[1]


During the French Revolution, the Pike Hammer was a weapon of the Parisian Brotherhood of Assassins granted to Arno Dorian.[1]

Weapon statistics

Level Damage Parry Speed Range Cost Modifiers
* * * * * 8 8 3 4 200,000₣ Additional damage: +25%


  • The Pike Hammer is, alongside the ceremonial partisan, the most powerful long weapon in Assassin's Creed: Unity,[1] where it was initially available as a prize for winning the Club Competition for the week of 23 February 2015. All players received the Pike Hammer two weeks after the event ended.[2]



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