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Pickpocketing was a virtual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Altaïr stumbled upon two civilians talking about an important letter they've stolen from someone.The Assassin decided to acquire the letter for potential information on Garnier.


Altaïr approached the two civilians, staying a respectable distance away, and listened in.

  • Civilian 1: So what you got there?
  • Civilian 2: Rubbish! The man had no coin to speak of. Just some damn tube! All's I found was a bit of paper with these nonsense scratchings.
  • Civilian 1: Them's not nonsense, but words and letters.
  • Civilian 2: Why's a man putting words and letters in a tube? A waste of tube if you ask me.
  • Civilian 1: Must be important. Give it here, and I'll have a look.
  • Civilian 2: Like you helped last time! I ain't letting you steal this!
  • Civilian 1: Well, ain't you clever. Have fun with it then.

Once the two men went their separate ways, Altaïr followed the carrier and snatched the letter at a right moment.


Altaïr acquired a letter, which stated that Garnier was connected to two other men in Damascus and Jerusalem.



Progress is slow. We should endeavor to reclaim what's been taken from us, or I fear we'll be discovered before we have a chance to act. My work on substitutes shows some promise as certain local flora can be used to induce a similar state. Be warned, however: the effects are only temporary and subjects tend to develop a resistance, requiring increased dosage.

Unfortunately, they can only take so much before exhaustion claims them. I've lost far too many in this manner and it breaks my heart.

Your man in Jerusalem should be commended for his diligence. My supplies remain sufficient, and I am no longer forced to use locals, helping to defray suspicion. I do worry about our loss in Damascus, though I have sufficient arms and armor to continue for a while longer. He will need to be replaced within the month, however, or our soldiers will be forced to wield table knives. Which brings to my next concern...

What do you intend to do about our enemy? I fear that the losses we've suffered are but the start. I feel secure enough within the hospital's walls, but it would be best if we dealt with this trouble before it has a chance to bloom. My men are yours for the task if it's required. Merely make your desires known to me.

Your brother in peace,