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Phylakitai in the Eye was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek seeks to end Phanos' fight with Gennadios' Phylakitai one last time.


Bayek visited Phanos in his home.

  • Phanos the Younger: Bayek! Just the Medjay I was looking for. We know how to rid ourselves of Gennadios' phylakitai.
  • Bayek: You've found the neket iadets?
  • Phanos the Younger: Indeed! One group patrols the waters. Another sits in wait in the armory, seizing whoever they wish. The final man proclaims loudly against us, in a chariot along the Canopic Way. Once rid of them...
  • Bayek: Your poets can spread their good word throughout the city. We will deal with these phylakitai.
  • Phanos the Younger: Go, brother, and deal with these metrokoites. Once they are dealt with, we can send our poets to spread the truth.

Bayek found one of the phylakitai aboard his chariot.

  • Bayek: A phylakitai is in that chariot. I must rid Alexandria of these horrible beings.

Bayek killed him. He continued to search for the others. He travelled to the armory located behind the Tomb of Alexander the Great.

  • Bayek: These are Gennadios' phylakitai. This must be the armory Phanos told me of.
  • Greek Soldier 1: We're down one man, the orders are to recruit by force if necessary.
  • Greek Soldier 2: Saw a good one down by the docks. No one would even notice if he was missing. He was spouting some inflammatory poetry. I hate poets.
  • Greek Soldier 1: Good. He'll be a useful pisspole.

Bayek infiltrated the armory and killed the soldiers inside. He then travelled to the canals below the city and killed the phylakitai. Having killed all the phylakitai, Bayek returned to Phanos.

  • Phanos the Younger: Bayek! You have returned. Is it done? Are the streets free for the Alexandrian poets to spread our revolution?
  • Bayek: I have dealt with all of Gennadios' phylakitai, Phanos.
  • Phanos the Younger: Bayek, you are a Poet of the Kill.
  • Bayek: Fill the city with your words.
  • Phanos the Younger: I love you Bayek of Siwa. You will be remembered more than any Medjay in history.


Bayek helped Phanos to get rid of Gennadios' phylakitai once and for all, thus freeing the city for the poets to spread their ideas.


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