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Phylakes' Prey was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek was under pursuit by the Phylakes after killing Gennadios, the Phylakitai of Alexandria.


Bayek was attacked by a powerful warrior. After defeating him, Bayek found an assassination contract on his opponent.

  • Assassination contract: Bayek of Siwa, styling himself as a Medjay, is sought for crimes against the rule of glorious Pharaoh Ptolemy Theos Philopator. A man of martial bearing, he is heavily scarred about the face.
  • Bayek: "Bayek of Siwa, styling himself as a Medjay, is sought for crimes against the rule of our glorious Pharaoh..." Orders to kill me. Those who hold them must die before I do.

Later, Bayek defeated another Phylakes and found an ornamented key on his corpse.

  • Bayek: A key with the Eye of Horus. What could it unlock?

Bayek defeated another Phylakes and found another key.

  • Bayek: Another key, same as the first. How many of the Phylakes have these?

Bayek killed The Outsider, Ptolemy's Fist, The Iron Ram, The Stranger, Ra's Mercy, The Hill, Bane of Hathor, Half Horn, The Galatian and The Iron Bull, claiming various weapons and ornamented keys from them. On the last Phylakes, he found a third key and a letter.

  • Bayek: A third key. Must be part of a set. Clearly they protect something of value.

Bayek read the letter.

  • Bayek: "Abar refuses to hand over the last key... She busies herself with simple tasks in that sad fishing village east of Herakleion". The last key, eh? Maybe I'll pay that "sad fishing village" a visit.
  • Letter: Abar refuses to hand over the last key. She busies herself with simple tasks in that sad fishing village east of Herakleion, telling the children tales of her past glories. Of course, I could easily steal the key, but she deserves the respect due to a war leader. I will try again to speak to her, as I know we all want to see this "great treasure" of hers. More news as it comes.

Bayek made his way to the fishing village and came across an elderly woman fitting the description there.

  • Bayek: That woman has a warrior's bearing. She could be the one spoken of in the letter.
  • Abar: Halt! Who are you?
  • Bayek: A man who respects his elders.
  • Abar: I know all the warrior castes. You speak like a Medjay.
  • Bayek: I am one, and I seek your key.
  • Abar: Why would I give it to you, when I refuse it to my brothers?
  • Bayek: Your brothers are dead. They had orders to execute me.
  • Abar: These are the times we live in. Prove yourself as a protector, and I will give you the one thing I have left - the key. Crocodiles plague our village. You'll find them roaming east of here.

Bayek killed the crocodiles and returned to Abar.

  • Bayek: Your village should be safe from crocodiles for a time.
  • Abar: Good. You know, I always admired the Medjay. I wish I could have been one of you.
  • Bayek: There are so few of us left.
  • Abar: The Phylakes were always short on honor. Here is the key to my warrior's chest. Make something of my legacy in this wretched world. You will find the chest sunk in Mother Nile, a little south of here.

Bayek found the chest in the Nile.

  • Bayek: Four keys, four locks. Now I will see this great warrior's treasure.


Bayek killed all the Phylakes hunting him and claimed the Black Hood outfit from Abar's treasure.


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