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"Men make swords and spears, but teeth and claws are fashioned by the gods."
― Phratagounè[src]-[m]

Phratagounè (died c. 429 BCE), also known by her epithet the Keeper was a member of the Order of Hunters, a branch of the Persian Order of the Ancients, active in Makedonia during the peak of the Peloponnesian War.


While the Peloponnesian War raged in Greece, Phratagounè was one of a handful who followed the Magi of their branch, Pactyas the Huntsman, into Makedonia, hunting for the "Tainted Ones", including Darius and his only surviving son, Natakas.[1]

Recluse by nature, Phratagounè preferred to live away from civilization in the company of her animals, admiring them for their loyalty and inability to lie. At some point before 429 BCE, Phratagounè grew close to Pactyas, so that during their time in Makedonia he entrusted his animals into her care. She trained them to be loyal so that when the time came, they would kill the 'Tainted Ones' without objection.[2]

In 429 BCE, Phratagounè was assassinated by the Spartan misthios Kassandra after she followed clues leading to her base, a den of bears within the Unexplored Mount Pangeon in Makedonia.[1]

Personality and traits

Phratagounè preferred the company of her animals to people, believing them to be more loyal than people. She also believed that her animals killing ability surpassed that of man's, as they would not kill without reason. Phratagounè gave them a reason to kill.[2]

Equipment and skills

Phratagounè had the ability to tame even the most vicious of beasts, being able to tame bears around Makedonia to fight for her.[3] She wore a variant of the Tracker armor, commonly found across Greece. Her weapons of choice were a curved sword and a simple bow.[1]


  • Phratagounè (Φραταγοὐνέ) is an Ancient Greek name meaning "fragile".
    • Her name is shared with one of the Persian King Darius I' consorts.
  • Before being revealed as an Ancient, Ikaros identifies Phratagounè as a Beastmaster.




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