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Photios's Pre-Tirement was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met with Photios, an old friend from Kephallonia, in the Sanctuary of Delphi.


  • Photios: Malaka! If it isn't the Eagle Bearer herself. You got big since Kephallonia!

The man shook hands with Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: And you got old. Photios the Dog's Breath! Last time I saw you, I think I lit your ship on fire.
  • Photios: My ship and my beard. These days, thankfully, I've semi-retired.
  • Kassandra: Do people pay mercenaries here more than they did in Kephallonia.
  • Photios: Course they do! Better than Markos, that's for sure.
  • Kassandra: Everyone pays more than Markos. You're lucky I took all his crazy contracts.
  • Photios: I was a learner—he's a rotten cheat! I only accept the easy stuff now. I'm working as a watchman this very moment. A cushy job... most days.

  • Kassandra: I could use a break myself.
  • Photios: Some break this is! Today feels just like old times. The job got harder than anticipated.

  • Kassandra: Once a mercenary, always a mercenary. It's a job you can never shake off.
  • Photios: Right you are. I'm learning that all the more now. Trouble goes, then comes back twice.

  • Kassandra: Did something happen?
  • Photios: A couple of priests ransacked this treasury. They took the sapphires offered by a Thrakian king, the bastards.
  • Kassandra: Your employer won't like that.
  • Photios: No, but you'll like this. Make an example of the thieves. You find them and the sapphires, and I'll pay you much better than you're used to in Kephallonia.

  • Kassandra: All right. I'll help you, but...
  • Photios: But what?

  • Kassandra: I haven't forgotten the old days. I owe you one, Photios. No reward necessary.
  • Photios: Ha! I thought I was getting soft.

  • Kassandra: You know my help doesn't come cheap, Photios.
  • Photios: You were always reliable. Deadly, and drachmae hungry, but reliable.

("Where did the priests go?")

  • Kassandra: So, I'm hunting priests. Where do I start?
  • Photios: Priests aren't used to thief business... They probably hid somewhere quiet. Check the caves west of here.

("How do you kow they were priests?")

  • Kassandra: I wouldn't expect priests to be jewel thieves.
  • Photios: They didn't take the drachmae or the silver. They knew those sapphires were the most valuable things here. That's priest knowledge.

("I'll find the priests.")

  • Kassandra: Shouldn't be long before I find them.

Kassandra travelled west to the cave near the Sanctuary.

  • Kassandra: This must be the cave Photios mentioned. Those priests came this way.
ACOD Photios's Pre-Tirement 3

Kassandra in the cave mentioned by Photios

Kassandra entered the cave and found bandits inside. She killed the leader and discovered a corpse, recovering a note from it.

  • Amyris's Note:
    Agreement in full. Treasury sapphires to be sold at no discount. Meet me at Desphina Fort for sale. —Amyris
  • Kassandra: Here's one of the priests. But no sign of the sapphires.

Kassandra exited the cave through an opening and discovered Desphina Fort in the distance.

  • Kassandra: Nice view. And there's the Desphina Fort to the south.
ACOD Photios's Pre-Tirement 5

Kassandra finding the sapphires

Kassandra travelled to the fort and discovered the sapphires hidden in a room with Ikaros' help. She infiltrated the fort and recovered it.

  • Kassandra: Here they are. A bit of blood on them, but the sapphires still shine.

Kassandra left the fort and returned to Photios in the Sanctuary.

  • Kassandra: Good news. Found the sapphires.

Kassandra handed the sapphires to Photios.

  • Photios: Should I ask why they're bloody?
  • Kassandra: The priests couldn't cut it as thieves.

(If the player chose "Never mind the reward.")

  • Photios: You said you'd do it for free, but we both know that was horse shit. Here, take this.
  • Kassandra: Chaire, old man.

(If the player chose "Make it worth my while.")

  • Photios: If I were only a little bit younger, I might've tried to cheapen the reward a bit.
  • Kassandra: Good thing you got old.

Photios provided something extra.

  • Photios: Here's a little trinket from the treasury. No one will miss it.
  • Kassandra: Let's hope not, or you'll send another mercenary after me. Goodbye Photios.
  • Photios: If you ever see that dog Markos again, tell him you demand minimum wage!

  • Kassandra: So, these sapphires are really valuable, right?
  • Photios: You spawn of a salty slimeworm, you have them already, don't you? Hand them over. And don't you dare tell me I can't pay you.

Kassandra gave him the sapphires.

  • Kassandra: Great to see you again, Photios. Savor your retirement.
  • Photios: And you savor your youth! Don't become a washed-up seadog like me.


Kassandra helped Photios recover the sapphires stolen from the treasury in the Sanctuary of Delphi.

Behind the scenes

If the player does not ask for a reward or if they have obtained the sapphires before starting the memory, Photios rewards a Sapphire Linothorax, a Rare breastplate. If they did ask for one, Photios rewards drachmae and a trade item. The quest rewards the same amount of XP regardless of this choice.



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