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This article is about the Greek mercenary. You may be looking for the Byzantine clergyman.
" I was a learner—he's a rotten cheat! I only accept the easy stuff now. I'm working as a watchman this very moment. A cushy job... most days."
―Photios to Kassandra, 431 BCE.[src]-[m]

Photios was a Greek mercenary who lived during the 5th century BCE.


Photios: "Malaka! If it isn't the Eagle Bearer herself. You got big since Kephallonia!"
Kassandra: "And you got old. Photios the Dog's Breath! Last time I saw you, I think I lit your ship on fire."
—Photios reuinited with Kassandra, 431 BCE.[src]-[m]

Originally from Kephallonia, Photios served as a mentor to the misthios, Kassandra. Sometime before 431 BCE, Photios left Kephallonia, and ended up in the Delphi where he worked as a guard for the sanctuary's treasury.[1]

In 431 BCE, a group of priests led by Amyris managed to steal precious sapphires from the treasury. Due to his old age, Photios was unable to chase after the thiefs. Later on, Photios caught sight of Kassandra, who came to the sanctuary to consult the Pythia. Photios enlisted her help to recover the sapphires, directing her to the caves west of Delphi. Kassandra did as she was told, and later returned to Photios with the gems.[1]