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The banner of Phokis

Phokis was a region in the central part of ancient Greece which was home to the renowned Sanctuary of Delphi located on the slopes of Grand Mount Parnassos, a point once considered by the ancient Greeks to be the center of the world.

For centuries, Greeks journeyed here to the Temple of Apollo where they could beseech the Oracle of Delphi for guidance or prophecies of their future. The prestige of the Oracle became the primary source of income for Phokis, which collected fees from visitors to the temple passing through the city of Kirrha. While the region had few permanent residents, its population was always relatively sizable due to the constant influx of visitors. Those who worked in the Sanctuary, including the Pythia herself, lived in the nearby Chora of Delphi.[1]

The landscape of Phokis could be described as enchanting, especially in the autumn when the vibrant deciduous trees melted with the sea of sacred olive groves. This environment complemented the divine reputation of the site.[1]


In 431 BCE, the Spartan misthios Kassandra travelled to Kirrha, a town that served as the harbor of Delphi. There, she reported to Elpenor with Nikolaos' helmet and details regarding his fate.[2]


The region of Phokis was made up of six smaller regions:




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