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Phoibe (died 429 BCE) was an Athenian girl and protégé of the misthios Kassandra during the early Peloponnesian War.


Early Life

Born in Athens, Phoibe left the polis when she was still a baby.[1] After her parents died,[2] she ended up on the island of Kephallonia, with only a wooden eagle she'd named Chara to remind her of her mother.[3]

Befriending Kassandra

On Kephallonia, Phoibe grew up under the wings of a Kephallonian entrepreneur Markos and Kassandra, a Spartan exile and misthios. In turn, the girl's personality and background resonated with the Spartan, and the two forged a fierce bond akin to that of a mentor and pupil.[4]

In 431 BCE, Markos borrowed a large amount of money from the thug Cyclops of Kephallonia in order to purchase a large vineyard property. As Markos was unable to repay his debts, Phoibe and Kassandra were regularly harrassed by the Cyclops' thugs, were initially unaware of Markos' purchase. Phoibe arrived at Kassandra's home, catching sight of her defeating two thugs sent by the Cyclops to collect his debt. Phoibe later informed Kassandra of Markos' purchase, directing her to the vineyard near the Statue of Zeus on Mount Ainos.[5]

Eventually, this culminated into Phoibe being kidnapped by a group of thugs sent by the Cyclops, who held her captive on Ktimene Beach. After being freed by Kassandra, she notified by the misthios of a mercenary named Talos the Stone-Fist, hired by the Cyclops to elimiate her.[2]

Shortly afterwards, Phoibe unknowingly became a pawn of Elpenor of the Cult of Kosmos, by providing his contact Krethos information about Kassandra which allowed them to discover her. This set in motion a series of events which ultimately pushed Kassandra to leave the island. On the docks of Sami, Phoibe and Kassandra spoke, with Phoibe wanting to come along, but Kassandra refusing to take her. They did agree to see each other again, and Phoibe gave Kassandra her wooden pet eagle, Chara, as a companion.[3]

Working for Aspasia

ACOD Phoibe Kassandra Reunion

Phoibe reunited with Kassandra

Knowing that Kassandra would not return to Kephallonia anymore, Phoibe made the decision to leave the island as well, and reached Athens as a stowaway. In the large city, she found other children, similar to her, and they joined up, forming a gang. This ended when they crossed paths with Aspasia, a hetaera and a companion of Perikles, the leader of Athens. Aspasia offered Phoibe employment, and the girl jumped at it. It's here that she encountered Kassandra again, much to the latter's surprise. Over the course of working for Aspasia, Phoibe helped Kassandra with various tasks including with her goal of dismantling the Cult and finding her family.[1]

Plague of Athens and death

In 429 BCE, when Kassandra returned to Athens after discovering information about her own mother, she found the city in a state of chaos. Phoibe was running a task for Aspasia at the time and she briefly encountered Kassandra for the last time.[6]

During the course of events, the Cult of Kosmos cornered Phoibe in the Odeon of Perikles and killed her. Upon discovering this, Kassandra was enraged and attacked Phoibe's killers. Kassandra bid goodbye to her young friend and gave her last rites, returning Chara to her. Before leaving Athens, Kassandra tasked Sokrates and Hippokrates with giving Phoibe a proper funeral.[6] Phoibe was later buried in a cemetery outside Athens.[7]

Phoibe's tombstone was later visited by Kassandra and Sokrates 7 years later in 422 BCE.[7]

Personality and characteristics

Phoibe was a feisty girl with a passionate sense of independence. These qualities endeared her to Kassandra, but her stubbornness nonetheless challenged their relationship at times. Regardless, she managed to always maintain an optimistic approach in most circumstances.[4]


  • Phoibe, Φοιβη, is a Greek name derived from the word φοιβος (phoibos), meaning 'bright, pure'.
  • A replica of Phoibe's wooden eagle, Chara, can be interacted with in the modern day.




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