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This article is about the steed of Kassandra. You may be looking for the Greek deity.
ACOD Kassandra Phobos

Kassandra riding Phobos

Phobos was the personal steed of the Spartan misthios Kassandra which accompanied her the Peloponnesian War. It was given by her friend, Markos, in Kephallonia in 431 BCE after the latter requested her to collect a debt from Duris, a merchant in Sami.[1]


Layla Hassan's Animus HR-8.5 interface allows for a variety of skins to be applied to Phobos:

Image Name Description Availability
ACOD Abraxas Phobos Skin
Abraxas This fiery steed comes straight from the Underworld. Reach Tier 1 Mercenary Level
ACOD Acheilos Phobos Skin
Acheilos Acheilos, son of Lamia, was transformed into a shark by Aphrodite for boasting he was more beautiful than her. Purchase the Shark Pack DLC
ACOD Aegean Atoll Phobos Skin
Aegean Atoll This mount somehow enjoys being on rocking boats as much as running on dry land. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Balios Phobos Skin
Balios This is the immortal horse gifted to Peleus by Poseidon, and then to his son Achilles. May you prove worthy of such a steed in turn. Purchase the Myrmidon Pack DLC
Black Unicorn Riding a unicorn is a once in a lifetime experience. Riding a Black Unicorn is simply indestructible. Purchase from Helix store for 500 helix credits
ACOD Brown Horse Phobos Skin
Brown Horse A strong horse that won't hesitate to charge through battle. Blacksmith
ACOD Cerberus' Offspring
Cerberus's Offspring Whether it had one, three, or one hundred heads, this hound of Hades had one job: to stop the dead from leaving. Purchase the Underworld Mythical Pack DLC
ACOD Daedalus Phobos Skin
Daedalus This mount is girded with such magnificently crafted armor and adornments, that all eyes will turn to glimpse your passing. Purchase the Ikaros Pack DLC
ACOD Egyptian Horse Phobos Skin
Egyptian Horse Horses from Egypt can endure the most hostile climates. Purchase from blacksmiths for drachmae
ACOD Equine Enforcer
Entry Not Found (Equine Enforcer) State-of-the-art armor on a Bronze Age mode of transportation. You just know this was a Templar Inner Sanctum request. -LH Purchase the Abstergo Pack DLC
ACOD Fangs Phobos Skin
Fangs This horse comes from generations who served silent and deadly warriors. Blacksmith
ACOD Ghost Phobos Skin
Ghost Like the ghost of Patroklos visiting Achilles, this horse is elusive and has likely entered Hades' gates. Purchase from Celestial Pack DLC
ACOD Great Rhetra
Great Rhetra Like the Spartan Constitution, this horse values a master strong in voice and in military prowess. Purchase the Lawgiver Pack DLC
ACOD Hourglass Phobos Skin
Hourglass Adorned with the symbols of the Titan Kronos, this mount will serve faithfully until the end of time. Purchase the Kronos Pack DLC
ACOD Melaina Phobos Skin
Melaina Named after the playful nymph Melaina, this magnificent horse will turn any misthios into a flamboyant hero. Anniversary Gift
ACOD Mycenaean Steed Phobos Skin
Mycenaean Steed Often used for trading gold, copper, glass, and ivory, these horses are also found use [sic] pulling chariots in battle. Available from the Ubisoft Club for 20 points
ACOD Nemea Phobos Skin
Nemea Protected by the Nemean Lion's fur, Nemea is nearly impervious to attack. Unless Herakles decides otherwise. Purchase the Nemean Lion Pack DLC
ACOD Pale Horse Phobos Skin
Pale Horse Healthy and enduring, this horse can accomplish any task. Blacksmith
ACOD Pegasos Phobos Skin
Pegasos Born when Perseus decapitated Medusa, Pegasos was asked by Zeus to bring lightning and thunder to him from Olympos. Purchase the Pegasos Pack DLC
ACOD Princess Phobos Skin
Princess There's one thing that Leda, Antigone, Hermione, and Nausikaa have in common - they were all princesses. Purchase the Athena Pack DLC
ACOD Pyrois Phobos Skin
Pyrois This mighty steed is infused with the resplendent power of the sun. Bred to pull chariots through the sky, its marble body is trained to be tireless. Purchase the Helios Pack DLC
ACOD Racing Horse Phobos Skin
Racing Horse These horse are bred for speed and like to carry as little as possible. Blacksmith
ACOD Riddle Phobos Skin
Riddle Which creature has one voice, yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed? Oedipous knew the answer. Purchase the Sphinx Pack DLC
ACOD Sacred Bull Phobos Skin
Sacred Bull Dionysos was a god of resurrection and often transformed into a bull. If this one seems drunk, perhaps it's him. Purchase the Dionysos Pack DLC
ACOD Sacred Deer Phobos Skin
Sacred Deer Twice blessed by Artemis and Apollo, this albino mount has seen where you wish to go and will never lead you astray Purchase the Oracle Pack DLC
ACOD Spartan Renegade Phobos Skin
Spartan Renegade There's one way to tell how a battle went: check their clothes, weapons, and horse for the blood of their enemies. Purchase the Spartan Renegade Pack DLC
ACOD Tartaros Charger
Tartaros Charger Some say it was crafted by Hephaistos, others that it came from Tartaros. Whatever the case, none dare stop it's [sic] charge. Purchase the Herakles Pack DLC
ACOD Traveler's Horse Phobos Skin
Traveler's Horse There is no better horse for embarking on an epic journey. Blacksmith
ACOD Trojan Horse Phobos Skin
Trojan Horse After a ten year siege, Odysseus came up with a plan for the Trojan Horse. It took only three days to build. Purchase the Odysseus Pack DLC
ACOD Unicorn Phobos Skin
Unicorn This fabulous animal of legend is a loyal companion. Blacksmith
ACOD Wild Boar Phobos Skin
Wild Boar Boar hunting was seen as a test of bravery, but it also represented death, likely due to how many people the animals killed. Purchase the Wild Boar Pack DLC




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