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The Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, is an archipelagic sovereign state in Southeast Asia composed of 7,641 islands that are situated in the South China Sea. The nation was formed after the indigenous states were conquered by the Spanish Empire and merged into a single colony, a united identity they retained after achieving independence from the Spanish and the Americans who replaced them.[1]


Early Spanish expeditions[]

ACFT Ferdinand Magellan at Cebu

Ferdinand Magellan arriving on Cebu

In 1521, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived on the island of Cebu in the Philippines to search for an Isu artifact which he had managed to track to the region. Magellan met with the island's leader Rajah Humabon and converted him and the local indigenous population to Catholicism, intending to turn Cebu into a colony of the Spanish Empire.[2]

The explorer eventually located the Piece of Eden hidden on Cebu, a crescent amulet, but Humabon informed him that it was just a piece of a larger artifact, with another fragment owned by Mactan Island's chieftain Lapu-Lapu. Magellan and his men subsequently fought against the artifact-empowered Lapu-Lapu, but were defeated and Magellan perished during the battle.[2]

Spanish colonial rule[]

Golden Age of Piracy[]

At some point in the early 18th century, the Dutch navigator Hendrik, who was investigating Magellan's legend, visited the Basilica del Santo Niño in Cebu and met a monk who told him of Magellan's search for Isu artifacts and his fate. The monk made no mention of what happened to the artifacts after Magellan's death, so Hendrik resolved to continue investigating by himself.[2] He eventually found one of the artifacts in the lost Khmer city of Angkor and left behind clues in his personal sea log before he was killed in Macau.[3]

ACFT - Ship leaving Manila

The Zhang Wei Union's ship leaving Manila

In 1719, Manilan supporters of Archbishop Francisco de la Cuesta, enraged at Governor-General Fernando Manuel de Bustillo Bustamante y Rueda's orders to imprison him, stormed Bustamante's mansion and killed him in the streets.[4]

In 1725, the British Assassin Edward Kenway, who had traveled to Southeast Asia in search of Angkor, was hired by a merchant to escort his trading vessel from Macau to Manila. Alongside his recently-established organization, the Zhang Wei Union, Edward travelled to the Filipino capital to fulfill the contract. While in the city, Edward's friend John Young found evidence that the Templars were close to locating Angkor and were influencing companies such as the East India Company and the Far East Company to organize an expedition in Indochina to find the lost city.[5]

After deciphering the contents of Hendrik's sea log and learning of the navigator's investigation into Magellan's story, the Zhang Wei Union's members used the Fenghuang to sail to the Philippines in order to follow Magellan's trail and find Angkor.[2] Along the way, they fended off an attack by Admiral Jeong's fleet and the Chinese Assassins Xiao Han, Liu Qing, and Xue Yan,[6] and ran into their ally Jan van Aert, the Dutch East India Company's Chief Navigator who wanted to accompany them on their expedition.[7]

However, the Spanish authorities soon arrested the Union members and Jan's crew and brought them to Manila due to Jan's alleged involvement in Governor Bustamante's assassination six years prior.[7] The Union members were subsequently confined aboard their ship under the watch of several guards, but managed to escape not long after.[4] Taking advantage of a protest in the streets to infiltrate Fort Santiago, Edward rescued Jan and his men from captivity. However, he then witnessed the protest turn into a violent riot, led by a monk who wielded the crescent amulet previously found by Magellan.[4]

ACFT - Manila riot

Manila during the 1725 riot

Together with Shimazu Saito, Edward decided to face the monk and take the amulet from him. They cornered him in an alley but the monk used the amulet against them,[8] and Saito was eventually defeated.[9] Edward was able to overcome the amulet's powers and confronted the monk,[10] but ultimately lost the artifact to Rajah, the leader of a Visayan resistance against the Spanish occupation of the Philippines.[11]

While Rajah killed the monk and escaped with the amulet, Edward and his fellow Union members were forced to flee Manila as Spanish troops arrived in the city to quench the riot.[11] Thanks to a distraction by Jan, who lured away the Spanish ships pursuing them, the Fenghuang was able to sail away to safety and resumed its voyage towards Cebu.[12]

In the aftermath of the Manila riot, the Lieutenant Governor-General blamed the incident on the Dutch East India Company and was approached by the Qing businesswoman Lee Huiyin with an offer. In exchange for Lee's company trading goods with the Spanish, the Lieutenant Governor granted her ships free passage to the Southern Seas. This allowed Lee's allies—Jeong and the Chinese Assassins under Xiao Han—to continue their pursuit of the Zhang Wei Union in their race to find Angkor.[13]

Meanwhile, en route to Cebu, the Union members passed by Monkey Island, which had recently been occupied by Rajah and his resistance,[14] who were engaged in a conflict with the island's Japanese settlers over the crescent amulet.[15] The native warriors used their fort's artillery to trap the Fenghuang, forcing Xialun Qing to use the Celestial Chariot, a prototype hot air balloon, to survey the island from above and locate the fort.[16] However, the balloon suffered a malfunction and caught fire, forcing Qing to parachute onto the island.[17]

ACFT - Celestial Chariot

The Celestial Chariot flying over Monkey Island

Half of the Fenghuang's crew, led by Edward, went to the island to search for Qing,[17] while the remaining Union members remained aboard the ship and fended off an attack by Rajah's men. Edward's expedition eventually found Qing in a village, whose inhabitants had rescued her from the jungle.[18] After learning that many villagers had been forcefully recruited to Rajah's resistance and brainwashed by the amulet, Edward captured some of them to use in an assault on the resistance's fort, during which the stronghold was destroyed.[15]

Shortly after the Union members departed Monkey Island, its villages were ravaged by the Chinese Assassins and members of the Shimazu clan led by Fuma Sukuna, who were searching for the amulet. Upon learning Rajah and most of his resistance had left the island and sailed to Cebu, the Chinese Assassins decided to follow them.[19]

The Fenghuang also followed Rajah's trail to Cebu, leading to Edward and Saito confronting the Visayan chief inside the Basilica del Santo Niño, where Hendrik had hidden a clue to Angkor's location.[20]

Seven Years' War[]

In 1742, the British Templar John Harrison was stationed in Manila to look for Isu sites throughout Asia. Although unsuccessful in his search, the time there allowed Harrison to pick up the trail of the Precursor box once held by the Assassin Shao Jun and trace its journey out of China and into the West Indies.[21]

When the Seven Years' War broke out between Britain and France a decade later, the Templars sent agents to Manila to disrupt the interests of the Spanish presence in the city. As a result, Manila was conquered by the British, though it was returned to Spain a year after the war.[22]

Modern times[]

In 2013, the Assassins' interim Mentor Gavin Banks decided to buy firearms from Emmanuel Barraza's contact, a weapon supplier in the Philippines near the Sulu Sea, to be prepared for the worst once they arrived in Osaka to help the Japanese Assassins.[23]

ACFT - Modern day Cebu

Cebu in the modern day

In 2023, an Abstergo Industries team including Doctor Shimazu Sei and her bodyguard Yuki travelled to Cebu via the Exitus to track Edward Kenway's footsteps and locate the Piece of Eden he had found.[24] Alongside Noa Kim, a descendant of Edward who had been abducted and forced to relive his ancestor's memories in the Animus, Sei and Yuki travelled around Cebu looking for leads. However, during their search, they were ambushed by Doom Eagle, a criminal organization led by the Assassin Nathan Zhang who sought to rescue Noa.[25]

Despite managing to escape the ambush and head to a shopping mall, Noa, Sei and Yuki were again attacked by Doom Eagle, who injureed Yuki in a shootout, forcing Noa and Sei to flee into the mall.[26] There, the former fought Nathan, who informed him of the truth regarding his father's Assassin affiliations.[27]

With Abstergo's Sigma Team closing in, Nathan was ultimately forced to abort the rescue mission and escape, though not before giving Noa the sea log of the Zhang Wei Union's captain Mustafa.[27] Noa and Sei subsequently used the information from the sea log to explore Edward's memories of his time in the Philippines.[28]



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