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Phillipe Chartrand is a researcher working for Abstergo Entertainment. As part of his research he relived the memories of Bernard Kenway the father of pirate Edward Kenway, Giovanni Borgia the illegitimate son of Lucrezia Borgia, and Fiora Cavazza the courtesan spy and Templar.


Researching Bernard Kenway[]

On 29 October 2013, Chartrand emailed fellow employee Jennifer Tam joking about the newest research analyst on the Subject 17 project and how Melanie Lemay gives everyone the welcome tour. He then went on to complain about his project, reliving the memories of sheep farmer Bernand Kenway, doing what he called "shoveling virtual shit all day."[1] Just over an hour later, Tam replied to Chartrand poking more fun at the new analyst being introduced to the CEO Olivier Garneau, and Lemay for using too much hair product, and her disdain for the IT guy, John Standish. She also asked Chartrand what the deal was with all the sticky notes around the place.[2]

On 5 November, Chartrand emailed Tam noting that the "noob" had been awarded a statue and how excited he'd been to receive his. He recalled Charles, a fellow employee sold his disregarding his NDA and had since disappeared.[3] Tam's response was merely stating that she wasn't too close to Charles. She also pointed out the "noob" had just come back down from the 15th floor after meeting the CEO and looked nervous, also revealing her further disdainful thoughts on Standish after he smiled at her.[4]

The next day, Chartrand revealed to Tam that also its meant to be top secret there were rumors about that the "noob" had Edward Kenway as a research project while Chartrand was stuck with his sheep farming father, noting how unfair it was, before asking Tam if she wanted coffee.[5] Tam replied with saying she'd already had three coffees that day, mainly because she thought she had a crush on the "British barista" working in the building lobby.[6] Chartrand recalled the barista, Shaun and joked about him dying his hair and putting the rest of the dye in the coffee. He also alerted Tam to possible competition as it seemed Shaun was already seeing someone, the courier, as they would constantly bicker like an old married couple.[7] Tam, underrated, accepted the challenge recognizing the courier as her love rival.[8]

On 12 November, Tam told Chartrand via email that footage from the "noob's" session was going to be used in a movie trailer, joking asking if they'd want his sheep farming footage.[9] Chartrand was not amused.[10]

Two days later, in an email sent by Tam, she accused Chartrand of messing with her workstation and noted that her files were everywhere.[11] Declaring himself innocent, Chartrand noted that she wasn't the only one. There was a hacker around, leading to an increase in security. Sebastian from security stopped Chartrand for his ID also, something which surprised him as he was Sebastian's secret Santa one year. To get their minds off the topic, Chartrand invited Tam for lunch at the new vegetarian place.[12] Tam accepted his invitation, though not for vegetarian. She also called him a terrible gift giver.[13]

By 18 November, Chartrand hadn't seen Tam in a few days and began to panic. He mentioned the still at large hacker and how people were being sent to dungeon-like Bunker beneath the studio. The "Noob" being one of them.[14] A day passed with no response from his friend, increasingly worried Chartrand read over their contract and was shocked to find that their employers hold the right to retain them without reason. He continued to plead for a response.[15] Another day passed and Chartrand resorted to humor to keep himself sane. Noting that Melanie Lemay seemed overly tired and Olivier Garneau, their CEO, had disappeared.[16]

Feature film research[]

In August 2014, Chartrand relived the memories of Giovanni Borgia and recorded his research. Melanie Lemay, now CCO, discussed how Giovanni's miraculous recovery from being born deformed could make for interesting future supernatural films.[17] He later relived the memories of Fiora Cavazza, to which Lemay stated that any potential entertainment product about Fiora should focus on her difficult decisions as a spy, rather than her life as a courtesan, not wanting her to be perceived as an over-sexualized object.[18] On 10 September, Lemay emailed Chartrand regarding DDS files pertaining to Kyros of Zarax and that such content could make for a big budget historical epic.[19]