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Philadelphia Farm was a residence of Hotephres, one of Apollodorus' informants, and his wife Khenut in Philadelphia, Egypt, during the 1st century BCE.

In 48 BCE, Hotephres stole a ledger containing delicate information about the Order of the Ancients from a Greek magistrate. Due to the theft, the Crocodile had soldiers harass his wife, seize their villa in Euhemeria and ultimately take Khenut and Shadya, their daughter, to the lighthouse of Euhemeria. There, the Crocodile drowned Shadya.[1]

After Shadya's death, both Khenut and Hotephres were devastated. Despite this, Hotephres attempted to help the Medjay Bayek of Siwa hunt down The Crocodile, and avenge Shadya. Afterwards, he told the Medjay that Khenut and he would retire to his family villa.[2] There, they dealt with Shadya's death, each in their own ways, until Bayek helped them move on with their lives.[3]



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