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ACTF - Philadelphia street

A street in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, United States. During the American Revolutionary War, the city housed the Continental Congress.


On 17 October 1717, pirate Captain Edward Thatch with Stede Bonnet sailed the Revenge and plundered the Spofford and Sea Nymph, which were departing Philadelphia.[1]

In 1775, Connor visited Independence Hall with Samuel Adams, and listened to George Washington's speech following his appointment as Commander of the Continental Army. Connor almost started a fight when he realized Charles Lee was sitting behind him, but Adams stopped him by introducing Washington to Connor.[2]

ACIII-Publicexecution 14

Connor and the Founding Fathers with the Declaration of Independence

A year later, Connor and his Mentor Achilles Davenport traveled to Independence Hall. Connor intended to explain to Washington the existence of the Assassins and Templars, helping him understand those who wanted to remove him, but Achilles was hesitant, believing it would distract the General. Either way, Washington had left for New York; Connor simply watched quietly while Adams, John Hancock, and Benjamin Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence.[2]

In 1943, the USS Eldridge, which was located in Philadelphia, was transported to a future state for eighteen minutes with the use of a Piece of Eden.[3]

By 1998, Daniel Cross lived in Philadelphia. That year, he was abducted by the Assassin Hannah Mueller and taken to an Assassin camp.[4] The two of them later returned to his apartment, where they were followed by the camp's director, Paul Bellamy. After experiencing a hallucination caused by the Bleeding Effect, Daniel attempted to escape from the two Assassins, freerunning over a couple of rooftops.[5] Two years later, Daniel returned to Philadelphia after he unwillingly killed the Mentor of the Assassin Order. He made his way to Abstergo Industries' Philadelphia facility, where he spent time inside the Animus.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Ubisoft considered having Philadelphia as a primary location in Assassin's Creed III, but decided against it because the city's grid-like planning would have made freerunning counter-intuitive,[7] though the city's Independence Hall does appear in-game during a cutscene.




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