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Phila (died c. 422 BCE), also known as the Tempest, was the magi of the Order of the Storm, a branch of the Persian Order of the Ancients who operated in Achaia, Greece during the Peloponnesian War.

Phila was also the estranged daughter of Kleta, and a "Tainted One" like the misthios Kassandra.[1]


Early life

As a child, Phila enjoying playing in the ocean and had started learning to sail. At least several years before 422 BCE, Phila and her mother had a falling out, resulting in Phila leaving her hometown of Dyme, Achaia. Phila left by ship, and after some time on her journey an accident occurred. Phila almost drowned but was saved by Amorges, who offered her purpose with the Order of the Ancients. She eventually obtained the rank of "Magi", and oversaw her own branch, the Order of the Storm.[1]

Throughout her years of service, Phila became known for ruthlessness and strategic brilliance, one which allowed her to eventually rise to the rank of commander, commanding her own fleet which was said to be undefeated in Achaia.[2]

Activities in Achaia

At some point around 422 BCE, Phila, now known as "the Tempest" and captaining her ship the Skylla, blockaded Achaia. The purpose of the blockade was to stop refugees from Makedonia escaping, however it also prevented anyone else from entering.[2]

In order to further strengthen her ship, Phila hired an engineer, who was noted to be one of the best in the Greek world, to develop a fire weapon called the Chimera's Breath and install it on her flagship.[2]

When the misthios Kassandra begun meddling in her affairs, starting with the destruction of several of her ships, Phila placed a bounty on Kassandra's head enticing several mercenaries to the area to hunt her down.[3]


  • Phila is derived from the Ancient Greek word phílos (φίλος), meaning "beloved, dear".




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