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Peter Hallaton was the lord of the Hallaton Hall in Leicestershire, England during the late 12th century, and Maria Thorpe's ex-husband.


In 1179, Peter was wed to Maria as part of an agreement with her parents, due to her unusual interests and activities.[1] Peter expected Maria to manage all staff at Hallaton Hall and produce heirs for him, two boys and a girl, preferably in that order.[2]

The marriage did not last for long, however, and an annulment was made for the two four years later.[1] The Bishop of Leicester, was a close friend of the lord and so organized the annulment.[2] Soon afterwards, Maria went on the Third Crusade, working for the Templars.[1] Angered at having lost his wife, he demanded Maria's father to refund his bride price but it had already been spent.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Peter Hallaton is a character introduced in the backstory of Maria Thorpe. While Hallaton Hall is a real place located in Hallaton, Leicestershire, Peter is a fictious character as the owners of the estate in the late 1100s was the Bardolf family, later the Barons Bardolf.[3]



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