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"Remember our object, lads. We're here to punch holes in every goddamned pirate ship anchored in the northern harbor! If you doubt the honour of our cause here... and if my disavowal of our coward Governor's wishes causes you anxiety, then you are free to debark my vessel and stay ashore!"
―Peter Chamberlaine to his crew, 1718.[src]

Peter Chamberlaine (1660s – 1718) was a British Commodore assigned to fight piracy in the West Indies in the early 18th century alongside Governor and Templar Woodes Rogers.


During the early 18th century, Commodore Peter Chamberlaine was assigned to help governor of the Bahamas, Woodes Rogers, with his reforms and in issuing King George's pardon to pirates, allowing them to be absolved of their crimes. However, Chamberlaine had a seething hatred for pirates and much preferred the idea of hanging them en masse to allowing them another chance at life. He was also put in a dilemma due to his undisguised hatred for Rogers, which conflicted with his fierce loyalty to King George. This eventually led him to take matters into his own hands.[1]

In 1718, Chamberlaine and Rogers made port in the pirate-controlled colony of Nassau, offering their pardon to the 'governors' of the island, Benjamin HornigoldCharles Vane, and Edward Thatch, and meeting with them in the local fort. While Rogers was politically astute enough to make the offer sound diplomatic and fair, Chamberlaine was not so subtle and outright threatened the pirates with death should they refuse.[2]

After the meeting, Hornigold accepted the pardon and met again with Rogers and Chamberlaine. However, the Commodore suspected a revolt was being planned and returned to his ship, HMS Milford. Without consulting Rogers, Chamberlaine had his men blockade the port and prepare to destroy all the pirate ships anchored in Nassau's harbor at nightfall, in order to prevent anyone from escaping the island. However, Edward Kenway and Vane had overheard these orders being given and decided to kill Chamberlaine, as their escape plan hinged on their ships. Heeding this, Kenway tailed a number of soldiers to the British encampment and snuck aboard Chamberlaine's ship, where he was busy issuing orders to his men, before air-assassinating him from the rigging. In his last moments, Chamberlaine spoke of his hatred for Rogers and questioned why Kenway and his ilk were willing to fight and kill him to protect their squalid Pirate Republic.[2]

Later that night, Chamberlaine's blockade was destroyed when Kenway and his fellow pirates, Charles Vane and Jack Rackham, launched a retrofitted fireship into its centre, allowing the pirates to effect their escape.[2]




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