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The Peruvian Brotherhood of Assassins was the Guild of Assassins located in and around Peru.


In the 16th century, the Spanish Assassin Don Gonzalo Pardo was sent by the Brotherhood to infiltrate Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro's inner circle and discreetly influence the course of the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. However, Don Gonzalo failed to accomplish his mission when he arrived too late to save the life of Emperor Atahualpa in 1533.[1]

In 1536, Don Gonzalo, now a large and bloated drunkard haunted by his failure, worked together with a young Inca Chasqui named Quila, who had uncovered a plot to assassinate the Emperor Manco Inca Yupanqui. Working together, the two managed to save the Emperor's life and apprehend the traitor, the Emperor's councilor, Tuti Cusi. Afterwards, Don Gonzalo, impressed with Quila's skills, told her that, if she ever wished to fight for other right causes, the Assassins would embrace someone like her. He then handed her a quipu containing the password for entry into the Assassin Brotherhood, informing her that, when given the code "cute pishta", she was to answer with "Don Gonzalo Pardo".[1]

On 26 June 1541, the Assassins killed Francisco Pizarro, putting an end to his tyrannical rule over Peru.[2]


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